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1. Is it safe to use java.util.Timer inside servlet?

for many reasons, it is not good practice to use threads inside servlet. java.util.Timer seems like wrapper to threads. so also it is not safe to use it ? if yes, what is ...

2. In Java, How do I make sure my web application is thread safe?

How do I make sure my java servlets web application is thread safe? What do I need to do in regards to session variables, static variables of a class, or ...

3. How to make thread safe to servlet

This questoion is realeated to the J2ee

4. SolrJ Thread Safety

I am using CommonsHttpSolrServer in a Web Application. Is it safe to reuse the CommonsHttpSolrServer over multiple requests or should I instantiate a new object for each request? Could not find ...

5. How can I create Thread safe JSP page

I want to create a Thread safe JSP page. It is possible in Servlet by implementing SingleThreadModel interface but I don't know how to do it in JSP page.

6. Thread-safety issue for servlet

I recently read an article about writing thread-safe servlets, and I learned that it is unsafe to make use of a servlet's member fields in doGet() and doPost() methods ...

7. Hit Counter Servlet

Race condition could occur even when "check-and-act" action is not involved, for example in the following code ten requests would result in ten threads but the counter is not guaranteed to ...

8. Calling a thread from a Java servlet

I'm working on an application which uses servlets to get and set data for the JSPs used by end users. All of the data is manipulated by the servlets in session ...

10. jsp + thread safe

If I have a bean called login and it has two variables at class level called username and password. Is there the potential problem that if two people login at the same time the variables username and password could contain incorrect values. If this is the case is the only way around this to declare the page thread safe? So in ...

11. Thread Safe Objects

12. setProperty and thread safety

13. Create thread safe JSP page

14. Thread safe

15. Is my code thread safe ?

Hi All, I have two jsp's one is called webservice.jsp and other is account.jsp webservice.jsp has static method getAccountsXML which return xml String i included this webservice.jsp in account.jsp. Please tell me if anything wrong with my approach.Present code works fine. In future i will add more methods for different webservice calls and include this webservice.jsp in many jsp's. I just ...

16. Are JSPs thread safe by default or not?

Short answer, no, JSPs by default are not automatically thread safe. If you have instance variables that are modified from within the service section of a JSP, they will be shared by all requests causing concurrency issues. As Jothi implied, this is the same for servlets. Like with servlets, there is a mechanism that was supposed to help make your JSPs ...

17. Thread Safe Servlets

18. Are JSPs Thread Safe ?

19. Is JSP thread safe?

20. Thread safety in JSP


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21. servlet's thread safe

23. Servlets thread safe?...

24. Thread-safety of servlets.

26. Thread safety and servlets

27. file operations thread-safe within servlets/JSP?

For this particular app, total number of users is less than 50, and each file written has a unique name (as guaranteed as possible with 50 ppl). Will two File objects being read/written cross threads even though each object was instantiated with unique names? I had thought each filestreaming to a specific File object instantiated within a thread in the servlet ...

29. thread safety in servlets

Hi, I know this topic has been discussed here many times, but its not a question but more of a verification. I have a servlet class, say MyServlet, which has field: private int number. When the thread pool is created for this servlet. Does it create several instances of this servlet or does use the same single instance in many different ...

32. making a JSP page Thread safe

One trick is to move all the code out of your servlet into a threadsafe class: public void service(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) new WorkerClass.doAllTheWork(request, response); WorkerClass is not shared by multiple threads the way Servlet is, so it can use member variables. The vendor framework I'm using now does this. There is essentially one servlet that gets the right worker class ...

33. Making servlets thread-safe

34. Questioin Thread safe servlet

35. Thread Safe Servlet

Thread safety is achieved by synchronizing access to shared mutable state. In Java that means objects that can change and which might be accessed by more than one thread at a time. One example are instance variables - they are shared between threads, so you should avoid them, or make sure that they don't change when multiple threads might access them. ...

36. How can i say my servlet is Thread-Safe?.

... which you should NOT do. It's deprecated, and -even more importantly- does not guarantee that the servlet is thread-safe. Much better to write the code in a thread-safe manner. That means protecting all mutable shared data -e.g. instance fields- against concurrent access (if one of the accesses might change the data). [ January 08, 2008: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ...

37. Which JSP scope are thread safe ?

Hi Thanks for quick response... Can you please elaborate My understanding is that , if i put a bean in request scope , then there wont be any threading issue as no other request thread can access the same bean instance Kindly let me know an example where two threads can access the same bean in request scope

38. Regarding Thread-safe in Servlets

Because for most servlets, the issue of thread safety doesn't arise. You design systems to work naturally for the common uses, but to allow programmers to do uncommon things. And since Java already has features which allow programmers to achieve thread safety when necessary, it wasn't necessary to do anything specific in the implementation of servlets. It's the programmer's responsibility to ...

39. Thread safety in Servlets

Hi all, Here's my understanding of handling thread safety wrt Servlets. The question follows.. For each client request, the Servlet container spawns a new thread which inturn calls the service() method of the Servlet. Lets say, the thread has a run() method within which there's a statement like: servlet.service(request, response); This is all taken care of by th servlet container. As ...

40. Thread Safe objects of jsp

41. Is a Servlet thread-safe

Servlets are not thread safe. If you want to make it Servlet as Thread safe, you can implement SingleThreadInterface which is a blank Interface there is no methods (this is not recomend method, because it could slow the performance of your page) or you can synchronize methods by using synchronized keyword. Anyway, this is quite basic question, try to use google ...

42. Thread-safe servlets

Well, avoiding instance variables alone won't generally do the trick, since there's usually shared state involved somewhere (whether it's in the application context or in some global static fields). So the question about synchronization is justified. But as pointed out, the proper approach is not to synchronize methods, but to synchronize those code blocks that access the shared state (or to ...

43. Is JSP thread safe?

44. Making Servlet Thread Safe

Hi Friends, I have one doubt. Here is simple code which is a servlet. public class CRMServlet extends H ttpServlet { private static final int CONSTANT = 5; //immutable, so th read safe //mutable instance variable private in t x = 0 ; // not thread safe protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest req, H ttpServletResponse resp)throws ServletException, IOException { ServletOutputStream out = resp.getOutputStream(); ...

45. is servlet is thread safe please answer

46. What to do to make this web page thread safe?

Hi Folks, I'm trying to write a jsp that invloves the insertion , updation etc of a set of records. Right now , I'm just trying to insert a set of records after selecting values from the dropdown and then inserting them.The thing is that I'm able to get the page to work perfectly when I use it with a single ...

47. Thread Safety in Servlets

48. how can u make a jsp page thread safe?