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1. Single Thread model    stackoverflow.com

If a servlet implements Single thread model interference ,How servlet container ensure that servlets handle only one request at a time ? Even single thread model interface has no methods too.Thanks. ...

2. Threads in JSP    coderanch.com

Can u plz give clear picture. U can definitely acces through the Java Bean object. When u are declaring the java bean tag in JSP u r giving a name as a atribute. That name.getXXX which will return the thread object. But can i know why u want to access. JSP or Jav Bean should not use thred at all.

3. threadsafety in JSP    coderanch.com

I am using a class which returns an Arraylist in a jsp. I was wondering if it will be threadsafe or not - since I was not very sure if the particular arraylist shows up as an instance variable or a method variable in the jsp instance.. code in the jsp: dataCommand = new GetIdeasByOfferNamesValueOfferName );

4. Keeping track of Threads in JSP    coderanch.com

Hi I am creating a JSP project, and one of my JavaBeans uses a thread that executes every hour to keep track of a Call Center's Orders for Auto Escalation. I want to be able to keep track of this thread on the server. Each time someone logs in to the site, the jsp should check that the Thread is running, ...

5. jsp/servlet executes business method    coderanch.com

Hello guys, I have few JSP/Servlets. Also, I have class with business methods, and my JSP/Servlets are invoking these business methods. These business methods could make calls to EJB, or access databases via JDBC, etc., etc., etc. What is the easiest and proper way to make sure, that after invoking such business method our JSP/Servlet will wait for N seconds, and ...

6. Threads in jsp programs    coderanch.com

I have a jsp program which is served by the tomcat jsp container. The jsp file includes(imports) a SearchClient.java class. The class has a search() method. The search method spawns two new Threads(searchthread - inner class in searchclient extends thread) these new threads contact two servers which respond with some data(results). These results are then merged in the search() method and ...

7. problem during create thread in jsp    coderanch.com

I suspect your miles of base I'ed need to see the full jsp code and exactly what you intended, I suspect you don't want to create thread at all, what is your thread trying to do ? The jsp compilation errors don't match up with your code fragment. Do you want a web page with an updating time ? Do you ...

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9. threading    coderanch.com

That is a little over-simplified. 1. You only need to keep in a session those bits of data you will need on the next request from that user. Otherwise, local variables will be fine. No need to fill up session memory needlessly. Just never use instance variables for user-specific data. 2. Synchronization is only needed when the object in question may ...

10. ques on threading    coderanch.com

I have a servlet where I hava a instance variable int i =100; and inside the service method I change the value of i at two places in the service method service() int i=100; ; ; ; i=200; ; ; ; i =300; Now I am not implementing SingleThreadModel. So that means I have 1 servlet instance. Say there are 3 ...

11. Threads for asynchronous tasks    coderanch.com

I am creating a JSP application, running on Tomcat 4, which comprises fairly simple JSP code making calls to fairly complex Java libraries in JARs in WEB-INF/lib. It also makes slight use of a mySQL database instance. Questions: 1) Is it allowed or advisable to create threads in the library code, to do asynchronous tasks like lazy update? Or will this ...

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Thanks for the replies. With regard to JMS: Alot of different users will be using my app for their JSPs and they're not all the most skilled. The more Java things they need to configure, install, run, the worse the situation and the less useful my program becomes. It is totally fine if there's no feedback for the JSP page as ...

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18. Threading an external application    coderanch.com

I am trying to thread an external application from within an html/jsp page. It is exactly the same as clicking a video link provided in the browser, and then a window media player will then pop up. However, it is different from popping up a URL resource which you can make use of the window.open() in the javascript. Can anyone tell ...

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24. isThreadSafe is false for Single Thread Model?    coderanch.com

You have to understand this directive in the correct context. It doesn't use it in the context of the servlet container but the developer. If you set it to true, it means you - the developer - understand the burden is on yourself to quarentee to write it thread safe; if it's false, that means you don't have to write thread ...

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26. Can we use Threads in a Scriplet    coderanch.com

It would be a BAD idea to write scriptlet code that starts a new Thread. Scriplet code should be as simple as possible. If your application really needs to start an independent Thread, do it in a helper class. If this is anything but a casual question, describe the problem you are trying to solve. Bill

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28. [urgent] need help on interceptor and suspending threads    coderanch.com

Hi friends, We are using EJB3 and we've created an interceptor to check whether the user has already sent a request or not. if we noticed that the user has already sent a request then in this interceptor we need to suspend that thread and wait till the former request being completed otherwise the thread will proceed. in order to find ...

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It is written in books that there is only one service method which handles all the requests.here is my question.If I am creating a web site with high volume traffic then do I have to synchronize all the getter and setter methods.I mean suppose that there is a login page.A user enters his/her login name and password.On the server side we ...

31. Threads in JSP's and servlets    coderanch.com

Hi Sreenivas U should avoid using threads in servlets and JSP. But in one scenario threads are useful. Suppose u have an Request which takes lot of time to process(for e.g an execution of procedure) then u can execute that procedure in a thread and return reponse to the request . This will prevent Browser Timeout to occur. After u finish ...

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36. Stuck with EE project and multi-Thread application need help!    coderanch.com

Yeah you gave me a good idea, im gonna set a flag with a dateTime in the DB to know if my application its running, so my App will report to the DB, and my JSF page would look it up. And start the Application with a call to the system from the manageBean, that if the App its not running. ...

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39. Involking a Thread from a JSP Page!    forums.oracle.com

You probably need some kind of background job management system. I'd recomend using one thread for the whole web-app and queue synchronize requests on it. This prevents a lot of heavy database activities happening at once (which would almost certainly cost you overall throughput). Use a ContextListener to create the queue (probably a LinkedBlockingQueue) and start the service thread. The contextDestroyed ...