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edit 10/8/10 @ 8:20am est - since I can't make this work in prod, I'll try to make it fail in test. edit 10/8/10 @ 4:30pm est - having a great time!!! ...

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I am running a webapp in a Tomcat 7 container, and am recieving 404 errors when attempting to access static content (.css, etc.). Below is my directory structure:

  • ROOT
    • META-INF
    • resources
      • css
    • WEB-INF
      • classes
      • lib
I have ...

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My web application runs fine with Eclipse & Tomcat on my desktop PC. When I uploaded the war file to the actual server, I wasn't able to access all the servlets ...

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I have using tomcat7.0 in eclipse ide, just crop the image using jsp and servlet.when i crop the image and submit the button the following error will be occured.what i do ...

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i'm attempting to use apache tomcat 7.0 tomcat7 to access java servlets. I have created a folder to hold all my webapp files under the ROOT folder in webapps. The file structure is ...

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