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1. Java Servlet API 2.5 Cookie.getDomain() always returns null

I'm having an issue using the Cookie class of the Servlet API 2.5 on Tomcat . I pull out the list of cookies from the HttpServletRequest object and iterate over ...

2. Changing Tomcat Set-Cookie header

Is there any way to change the Set-Cookie header to something other than JSESSIONID? To something like ASP.NET_SessionId?

3. Session Lost when closing the browser

I setup my Session time out.

</session-config> Each time when I close the browser and open it again by calling the servlet, I see that new session is created. It can be ...

4. Tomcat 7 session cookie path

I'm having a huge problem with my application and Tomcat 7. My application needs to set session cookie to "/" path instead of "/context" path. In tomcat 6 it was a ...

5. Tomcat: Cookies lenght problem

I'm creating and attaching a cooking for my application with some useful information. But this information is not accessible after that. The problem is that when I try to attach too much ...

6. How Tomcat cookies are formed?

How exactly and when exactly tomcat session cookies are formed. I can see COOKIE_SUPPORT, GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID, JSESSIONID, LOGIN, I've downloaded source code, but nevertheless cannot see full picture (actually, I can ...

7. Session management with Tomcat and cookies

I am having a difficult time conceptualizing how Tomcat handles cookies and session management behind the scenes. When or where does Tomcat issue cookies to manage an HttpSession? According to

8. Where does tomcat store cookies?