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1. Java bean with JNI?

I have added native method in java bean code. Then i have copied .dll file in System32 folder. while using javabean in JSP. it gives an Error: HTTP Status 500 - type Exception report message description The server ...

2. Eclipse ignoring source when deploying webapp

I'm running eclipse with tomcat 5.5. For some unknown reason from one day to the other eclipse stoped compiling my beans and java files that are in the source folder. If I ...

3. How to use a single JavaBean in many pages accross a JSP frameset

I have a bean declared on a page that holds a frameset

<jsp:useBean id="pos" class="MyBeanscope="page">
<jsp:setProperty name="a" property="a"/>

[some initialisation of MyBean]

<frameset ... >
    <frame src="/myframe1.jsp"...>
    <frame src="/myframe2.jsp"...>
My ...

6. please help with tomcat, javabean and jsp

I did a search of the web and i still cannot solve this problem. I am using tomcat 4.1.30 I have a jsp that calls a javabean like this: I have my file structure this way: webapps\myJSPApp\WEB-INF\classes\myPackage 1. I have my .jsp in the myJSPApp directory 2. my and.class in the WEB-INF\classes\myPackage directory. 3. I have ...

7. JavaBean problem Tomcat 5.5