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1. Failure to import javax.servlet

I know this is a common error, but bear with me. I've pursued the CLASSPATH problem and I don't think that is the issue. I'm getting an error like this.

./src/ ...

2. Compiling servlets for tomcat

I am trying to modify one of the default files that comes with tomcat, and trying to compile it but I get an error.

javac -classpath "E:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache Tomcat ...

3. Javac erroring out when compiling Servlet libraries

I am using ubuntu and I have set my paths to be the following:

export CLASSPATH=/usr/local/tomcat/lib
export JAVA_HOME
I thought that would put the servlet libraries in the compile path, but I am still ...

4. Compilation error - Tomcat, jsp

All, I just installed apache tomcat and testing the installtion did show the "Successfully installed" apache page. I did execute the HelloWorld example without any issues. So now, I created my own ...