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1. How to retrieve data sent by Flash 4 HttpService, in the Servlet side

I'm using Flash 4.0 as UI tier, and I'm trying to send data to the server side, which runs on Tomcat. I wrote a servlet that the calls are directed to ...

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3. JSPs not running on Tomcat -4.0.1 version

Hi I installed the jakarta-tomcat-4.0.1version.And the server is running fine except for the JSPs. Even i tried to run the JSPs in webapps\\examples\\jsp the generel error "Internal Servlet Error " Came. I think i will have to do something to run the JSPs.The JSPs were running smoothly in the earlier version of tomcat. Kindly Help me out. Thanks & Regards Aminur ...

4. How to integrate Tomcat 4 with Apache using mod_jk

Hello, I have recently installed Tomcat 4 in a Windows machine, and I want to integrate it with Apache. Previously when using Tomcat 3.0 it was creating the automatically. Which could be then included in the Apaches httpd.conf. But in case of Tomcat 4 the is not being created. Has anyone used the mod_webapp for Apache / Tomcat 4 ...

5. Problem faced in Tomcat 4.0.4

did you check the installation of tomcat before you installed you code? also, have you got alittle more code than you've shown? I've found that JRun moves things around such that an expanded war file wont run on other compliant servers but in my case it was because it was saving web.xml in an incorrect format etc not any messing with ...

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9. Tomcat 4.11 doubt

i have three jsps which basically take 3 values and print it getName.jsp

What's your name?
What's your e-mail address?
What's your age?

saveName.jsp Continue and nexPage.jsp ...

10. cannot see jsps with tomcat 4.1.24

Hi all, I have working with jsps and using Tomcat 4.1.24 (integrated with JBoss 3.0.8), and I have te following problem: When I run a jsp, it loads the jsp, but appears a blank page in the browser. To see the page correctly, I have to go back and after that go forward in the browser. I thought it could be ...

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13. Servlets with Tomcat 4

hey, i had a similary problem and the comments to this article had help me to solve it, but i didn`t understand, why in the tag stand com.sun.TestServlet. i`ve wrote the class name of my servlet and thats ok. is there a difference between com.sun.TestServlet and my solution? :roll: thanks bernd

14. Problems getting servlets to work on Tomcat 4

the whole point of mapping servlets (or at least one of the points)... is to provide a public alias to your servlet class, so that you don't reveal to your user the package and class name; they don't really need to know this information. It is likely that your host has disabled the /servlet/* mapping, so you will probably have to ...

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16. Starting out with Servlets and Tomcat 4

Hi guys and gals, I was not sure if it would be better posting this question here or in the Tomcat thread - Oh well... I am not new to Java but I am (kinda) new to the Servlet API and especially Tomcat 4. I have managed to install and configure Tomcat successfully. But I am not sure where to place ...

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