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1. Disable annotation processing, but enable web-fragments feature in servlet api 3.0 (Tomcat7)

I am giving a try on Tomcat 7.0 and Servlet API 3.0. I had an application for Servlet API 2.5. So I edited web.xml to configure it for Servlet API 3.0. After ...

2. Does tomcat 7.0.6 already support the SevletSercurity annotation in the servlet 3.0 specification?

I was tring to use the ServletSecurity annotation of servlet 3.0 specification in the tomcat 7.0.6, but it seems that tomcat server doesn't scan the ServletSecurity annotation. The code is following,

public ...

3. @WebServlet annotation with tomcat7

I my application I had a servlet which was defined like this in the web.xml:

    <display-name>Notification Servlet</display-name>