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1. calling servlet from applet?

i am trying to call servlet from applet below is the calling code

ObjectOutputStream outputToServlet = null;
            try {

2. Java applet communicate with servlet on tomcat server

I've been trying to work out how to approach this problem but I don't know where to start. I have an game applet written in Java that I'm trying to make multi-player ...

3. How to configure java server based on sockets (non http ) with Tomcat

I'm currently developing a web server based on sockets for a web game.
The client will be based on Java applet.

  1. Is it possible to use Apache Tomcat server for this mission? If it ...

6. Applet &Servlet communication(Tunneling) in tomcat

You use the http. Just because you're inside a Java applet doesn't mean the web server has suddenly become a LAN server! You're still talking to a web server, so you implement the tunnel as an http request. Line 1 [This message has been edited by Tim Holloway (edited September 11, 2001).]

9. Unable to display applet in jsp using Tomcat

setContentPane(chartPanel); } /** * Creates a sample dataset for a Ganttchart. * * @return The dataset. */ public static IntervalCategoryDataset createDataset() { final TaskSeries s1 = new TaskSeries("Scheduled"); s1.add(new Task("Write Proposal", new SimpleTimePeriod(date(1, Calendar.APRIL, 2001), date(5, Calendar.APRIL, 2001)))); s1.add(new Task("Obtain Approval", new SimpleTimePeriod(date(9, Calendar.APRIL, 2001), date(9, Calendar.APRIL, 2001)))); s1.add(new Task("Requirements Analysis", new SimpleTimePeriod(date(10, Calendar.APRIL, 2001), date(5, Calendar.MAY, 2001))));