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1. Controlling the classpath in a servlet

My servlet application includes a number of library .jars, some of which contain embedded log4j.xml or files. I'd like to ensure that log4j finds my log4j.xml first! I've tried searching ...

2. Java error: Only a type can be imported. XYZ resolves to a package

I get the error: "Only a type can be imported. XYZ resolves to a package." Someone has explained the cause here but I am not sure what I supposed to ...

3. classpath question, head first servlets book

I'm studying via Head First's Servlets and JSPs, and doing the assignment on the third chapter. On page 81, there's this javac call:

>     %javac -classpath /Users/bert/Applications2/tomcat/common/lib/  

4. compilation problems after setting classpath in tomcat 5.5

I have installed Tomcat 5.5 in windows vista home basic. I have set classpath to "C:\program files\apache software foundation\tomcat 5.5\common\lib\servlet-api.jar". now there are two problems. 1. I could not compile my servlets. It ...

5. Tomcat reporting IncompatibleClassChangeError - classpath problem?

I'm trying to deploy an application to Tomcat 7 on a Windows server. I have a local copy set up and have tested with Eclipse without any trouble, but on ...

6. servlets and classpath

I apologize for the crummy subject line. I started at a new company last week and was thrown into the lion's den immediately. We had a application on the verge of ...

7. trying to add a new class error : import cannot be resolved

I am trying to add a new class to a pre-existing web application in Tomcat6. The class is:

public class Hello {
  public static void main(String [] args) {

8. Where do I put a servlet jar file in Tomcat 6?

I have a servlet in a jar file which I want to deploy to my Tomcat 6 instance. I did the following things:

  1. added a servlet declaration in my root web.xml
  2. added ...

9. accessing jar-files from tomcat

he there, been stuck for a while now. What im trying to do comes down to this:

  • I have developed a little library which i am deploying in form of a jar-file. it ...

10. how to specify classpath/tomcat ?

do i include this in or ? could u please tell me the position and the exact line of code i need to enter .. say the file i need to access is here tomcat/webapps/ROOT/myusers/ I cannot put this class in WEB-INF/classes ... so i need to set the classpath to refer to this one

11. JSP, Tomcat, Classpath Error