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1. AccessControlException when connecting to HTTP server from Tomcat servlet

I'm trying to make my tomcat servlet download a number of files, but I have apache and tomcat running on the same server, so I assume that is why it doesn't ...

2. Sometimes HttpURLConnection.getInputStream executes too slowly

We have next code.
Sometimes we should wait 10-20-40 seconds on the last line.
What can be the problem? Java 1.4

URL url = ...;
HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
OutputStream out = conn.getOutputStream();
ObjectOutputStream outStream ...

3. setting up mod_jk on the Apache HTTP web server2.2.13

So I'm trying out JSP for the first time. I found a tutorial that details the installation of the tomcat server and the mod_jk Apache module, but it's a bit outdated. ...

4. Running tomcat from another connected pc

I want to test some pages on several machine. I have tomcat running on one pc lets say PC1 and several pc are connected to PC1. I want other pc to load ...

5. When does Servlets read or write actual data

I was testing a Client Server Application to know when does a Servlet actually receives / writes a data to a Client. The test setup has a client Java program which reads ...

6. Secure http problem in jsp using tomcat+apache

I am creating a secured site(https) using Tomcat3.2 + Apache for the JSPs I write. Now the problem is that when login and enter into the main application, then this HTTPS thing throw hell lot of junk related to SSL etc. onto the browser and all this junk is overwritten on the current screen. I have to refresh the screen to ...