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1. Dynamically importing a file in a JSP page    stackoverflow.com

I want my JSP page to include another page based on a value in the Request. So i set the following:

    request.setAttribute("chosenLang", "NL");
    RequestDispatcher dispatcher = ...

2. Export & deploying webapp in Eclipse    stackoverflow.com

I have trouble with export my very simple project in eclipse SDK: eclipse does't compiling *.jar file for my "core" class. Struct of my simple project:

?   .classpath
?   .project
? ...

3. jsp:include alternative to avoid generated " in Tomcat 5.5.32    stackoverflow.com

I recently came up with a problem in Tomcat 5.5.32 " Versions prior to 5.5.27 did not enforce the quoting requirements of the JSP spec. This was fixed in 5.5.27. You can disable ...