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1. Can I change web application root globally in jboss 4.2?

I have following situation of deployment:

  • application_one.war
  • application_two.war
  • application_three.war
When I deploy it in Jboss, I get three url contexts:
  • http//myserver/application_one/
  • http//myserver/application_two/
  • http//myserver/application_three/
Is it possible to change (prepend) globally an additional path to all deployed webapplication in a ...

2. Tomcat - making a project folder the web root

I have this folder under Tomcat webapps/mysite which is where all my JSPs and other things are located. To access this folder I go to and it works ...

3. How to set up the root servlet in Tomcat 6?

Sorry for beginner's questions but I wonder how can I set the root servlet in Tomcat 6? For example I want to access my servlet on localhost:8080, not on


4. How to get a welcome page from Tomcat root, rather than webapp context?

Stupid question - In Tomcat 7, I want my welcome page (index.html) to load when I access localhost:8080/. Right now, I have to go to the webapp context, localhost:8080/MyWebApp. Is there a ...

5. Is there a way to get the absolute path of the context root in tomcat?

I have a problem that, after a lot of reading and research, seems like tomcat is running another instance of itself and thus serving an old version of my updated app ...

6. Accessing files from disk in server root

I need to access some files from my jsp pages.So I kept them inside my server Root.But the no of files are likely to increase.So is there a way by which ...

7. Can't access files in ROOT webapp

I have got a ROOT application on my tomcat application server. When I add files to the ROOT folder I can't access them. I had files in the folder before which ...

8. How to get root directory of a JSP/Servlet from another webapp?

I am running a tomcat server with WebApp1 and WebApp2. WebApp2 contains a function that needs to write a file to the directory of WebApp1. Calling "String filePath = ...

9. How to get file system path of the context root of any application

I am working on web application.I invoke on my jsp request.getContextPath(), but strangely I got address /streetshop. Then I am appending some path as request.getContextPath() + "abc" and create folder. Then its creating ...

10. Saving a file in a servlet application on tomcat, how to figure out root of application?

I'm just testing out saving to a file from a servlet, and I want this to work regarding of where I host this application. There is no security issue with the file ...

11. TOMCAT's root for web files

14. creating new file in tomcat root directory using jsp

I want to create a new file in tomcat root directory using JSP & WML. but simply using FileOutputStream doesnot create a new file at all. but the same kind of code when written in java, serves good. what should i do ? can i create a new file in server on request from a client?