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3. Executing servlets using Tomcat

Hi I am using Tomcat as servlet container. I am having a problem. When I execute a servlet for the first time it works fine. But when I make some changes to the servlet, recompile it and when I execute it the changes does not seem to appear. I have to shutdown the Tomcat server and then restart it and then ...

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9. Problem getting Servlets to work correctly with Tomcat

The URL that you redirect to is relative to the current URL and not to the filesystem. If you are using a URL such as "xyz.html", it will assume that it is in the same 'folder' as the current URL, e.g. in this case 'servlet' which isn't a folder at all. When using servelts you need to be fairly precise about ...

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15. Servlet Variable persisting in Tomcat?

Hello all, I am dumb founded by this one. I'm having an issue with my servlets were i run an instance of the servlet on one system and set certain Strings and int's to data related to that system and then run another instance of that servlet on another system and data relating to the first system that couldn't be reproduced ...

16. executing servlets in Tomcat

Hi, i need clarification regarding executing servlets in Eclipse and Tomcat i have installed Eclipse 2.1.2 on my Linux machine in the path: opt/Eclipse. i am using Tomcat 5 to run servlets and have installed tomcat in the path opt/tomcat. also i am using Sysdeo Tomcat Plug-in for Eclipse. now i have written a HTML program that contains a form with ...

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22. Beginner : How to run a servlet in Apache Tomcat

Also Rimzim, bear in mind that your context does not have to be under the Tomcat webapps directory. It can be anywhere in your machine so long as it's got the correct directory structure. This is made possible by the fact that when you go to administration page of Tomcat, you can create new web apps (contexts) and tell Tomcat the ...

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26. How to detect the servlet is already died in the Tomcat.

I develop a servlet frame work providing the business service. But I got a big problem. There is a bug in my servlet. When the servlet runs for a while, the servlet will crash irregular. The question is: Quesiton 1: Now on I get to know the servlet is died by the user's report. Is there any solution to now whether ...

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29. Servlet class problem In Tomcat

Hi, I just want to know how i can run a servlet class in Tomcat.I can compile the class.I can access it from html file.It shows servlet class's result.However,If I just want to run servlet class in Tomcat,I get error.What should i do to run a simple servlet class in Tomcat?One more thing ; PATH=C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;c:\jdk1.5.0_04\bin;C:\Program C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;c:\jdk1.5.0_04\bin;C:\Tomcat_5.5\bin;C:\Tomcat_5.5\common\lib\servlet-api.jar;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adaptec Shared\System;C:\Sun\AppServer\bin CLASSPATH:%JAVA_HOME%;C:\Tomcat_5.5\common\lib\servlet-api.jar JAVA_HOME:c:\jdk1.5.0_04 ...

30. Unload a servlet in Tomcat

Hi kamalesh, The destroy() method of a servlet does not actually destroy anything. It is a method that is called by the container when the servlet instance is about to be destroyed, and it is there for the developer to insert code to run logic that should run before the instance is destroyed, such as cleaning up resources. In regards to ...

31. FileNotFound in Servlet for Tomcat ? Help !!

Hi everyone : When Im running a web app in tomcat, I cant refer locally to a file i.e. FileUtilities.readFileContents("C:\\xsl\\clinicalInfo.xsl"); Does NOT work and results in a file not found exception. But On the other hand FileUtilities.readFileContents("C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\workspace\\CS\\xsl\\clinicalInfo.xsl"); Works just fine. How can I find out the directory in which the code is executing so that I can know what ...

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33. Tomcat , Servlet and Singleton

It's something related to servlet and singleton.I have used tomcat for this verification.I have recently started to learn about design patterns.To my best of knowledge Singleton maintains a single instance of a class for one JVM. So to verify this I have created a singletom class having a int varialbe a with default value 0.Then created one servlet with overriden init ...

34. Can a servlet in Tomcat use Java class outside of Tomcat?

I think this is possible. Suppose there is a class that you are refering in ony of your servlets deployed in tomcat and the jar containing that class is registered with the system classloader (means that has been included in the CALSSPATH ) So for making a object of that class you request your context's classloader.As from JDK1.4 java follows a ...

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36. Tomcat + Servlet Hosting Decision

I personally have had better luck Unix/Linux systems when using hosting companies but haven't dealt with Windows hosting since before .NET. It may have improved since then. Unless the hosting company were going to offer me terminal service access to the box, Windows would feel very restrictive and clunky to me compared with a SSH access to a Unix based server. ...

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42. How to get tomcat to use the newest version of a servlet?

Problem, when I change the code in the .java file, and recompile using javac to a new .class file, my browser still runs the old class code. I am using tomcat, creating the code by editing a .java file, and compiling using javac into a .class file. There is an associated web.xml file. So far I have been told the following, ...

43. VerifyError on servlet running under tomcat

hey there fellows, it's been a while since my last visit to you guys, but you know we always remember the ranch when we need some help... well, you guys are awesome, I can always count on you, right? first, I posted this on servlets only because my app is a servlet, I dont even know where's the problem. okay, done ...

44. unable to run servlet in tomcat

Hello Ranchers, I am new to using tomcat so kindly bear with me.I have just started preparing for scwcd and i am using head first as my guide. I have followed the instructions exactly as they directed on page 30-31 of the book,but i am unable to view the output in the browser. All i can see is the error Http ...

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50. tomcat virtual hosting ...

Hi ..all we are new to tomcat 5.5 configuration just having a single hosting working knowledge, now we want to add another host using name based, we surfed and did the changes in server.xml, catalina etc... server deployed the two wars correctly but the second host not run properly ... the page cant display page is shown.. its very urgent .. ...

51. set up tomcat on website

52. jdk jre tomcat conflict

thanks for the response .. they told me jdk 1.5 jre or older jre 1.5.0_02 or older were supported so i tried compiling down to 1.4 standard and using the jre 1.4.2_07 ... still no joy same error... the only other thing that i can think of is the servlet jar that i have on the build path ... javax.servlet_2.5.0v200806031605.jar... ...

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56. Tomcat does not work with my applications

I have the Tomcat directory as follows: C: \ apache-tomcat-6.0.29And my projects (Workspace) in the following directory C: \ Projects \ Java_Project \ Test1 I created a Dynamic Web Project in Test1 called Web_Teste. I went on the Servers tab and gave an Add / Remove Web_Teste in my project. I created there my Servlet, listener, and my java class Deployment ...

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59. Tomcat Problem

60. Want to get tooltips on a chart generated via Tomcat servlet"Get the output stream"); /* Get the output stream */ OutputStream out = response.getOutputStream(); ...

61. Tomcat can't find the servlets!

What is the difference between web.xml under conf and the ones under WEB-INF? in WEB-INF folder the tomcat read the url pattern, mapping and name off the servlet. so if you make any changes and save the file then you had to again restart the server. but in conf folder the file is read by ant (compiler and deployment tool). when ...

62. Running a Servlet using apache Tomcat.

Hi, I am new to the Servlet and Tomcat. I successfully installed the Tomcat 4.1. Then I write the simple servlet but at the compile time I got the message like "javac is not as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file." I already set the JAVA_HOME variable in environment setting. So please let me know if anyone ...

63. Servlet crush tomcat server

Hi I have a problem, my servlet is responsing with data from data base. Sometimes it takes some time,but in case when user waits for response he close webrowser, or send another request something is going wrong for example i can get connection object to data base to handle another request, then i must restart tomcat to work properly is there ...