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1. Configuring Tomcat to only raise one Servlet per application

According to my understand, Tomcat is allowed to raise as many copies of a servlet as it wishes in order to service requests. This forces my servlets to have no heavyweight state, ...

2. Get ServletContext on tomcat from jax-rs / jersey

I'm playing around with jax-rs , deploying on tomcat (handling via It's basically

public class Hellohandler{
    public String hello() {

3. tomcat unable to get ServletContext.getContextPath()

hi all
i am trying to get the contextPath but i get this exception

ServletContextHandler.contextInitialized()HERE MY PRINT
 2011-02-22 02:45:38,614 ERROR main tomcat.localhost./photo.Context - Error listenerStart
 2011-02-22 02:45:38,615 ERROR main tomcat.localhost./photo.Context - ...

4. catalina.bat start not working

I am having problems starting tomcat for some strange reason, it used to start before without a problem. The error is so long that I can't copy it completely from ...

5. The method getJspApplicationContext(ServletContext) is undefined for the type JspFactory

Iam working on a jsp project that uses apache tomacat 7, while running the project on its loading index.html normally but while trying to navigate to another page it's showing the ...