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1. How to remove the file suffix/extension (.jsp and .action) using the Stripes Framework?

I'm looking to use pretty / clean URL's in my web app. I would like the following URL:
.. to resolve to:
I tried overwriting the NameBasedActionResolver with:
public class CustomActionResolver extends NameBasedActionResolver {

2. Stripes 1.5 : running on Tomcat - best way to control HTTP (cache-control) headers?

Currently I'm using a modified version of a Servlet Filter described here: And have hooked it up to the stripes dispatcher servlet like this:


3. Bad encoding of streamed CSV with Stripes / Tomcat

Actually i'm trying to stream a CSV file. I set the encoding to windows-1252 but it seems it is still streamed as UTF-8 file.

   final String encoding = "windows-1252";

4. Problem with finding in classpath

I'm trying to work with Messages in Stripes, a feature present in the file, which, according to most tutorials and my book, should be placed under the src folder so ...

5. Stripes does not see my ActionBean

I'm having again some little problems with Stripes, this time with the link tag Basically i am calling an action bean from a jsp like so:

<s:link beanclass="users.action.UserFormActionBean">...</s:link>
The exception i receive is:
The value ...