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I've had some problems with reading and writing UTF-8 from servlets on Tomcat 6 / Linux. request and response were utf-8, browser was utf-8, URIEncoding was set in server.xml on both ...

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I am sending a response using the following code:

response.setContentType("text/plain charset=UTF-8");

PrintWriter outWriter = response.getWriter();
String returnString = new String(dataController.translateFile(documentBuffer).getBytes(), "UTF-8");
When I run my web app using tomcat 6.0.29 on Eclipse, the resulting txt ...

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I am using commons FileUpload to get client headers. I am trying to use the header Strings to write txt content like:

StringA; StringB; "ciryllic word"
The server localization ...

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How to get UTF-8 working in java webapps?
I have a servlet that receives in the request parameter some special characters. I tried to ...

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I want to know how to set-up the Java Environment to encode in UTF-8.
Basically I have JSP pages displayed with some Arabic text but they don't seem to be encoding ...