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I'm following this example to get Spring up & running: http://static.springsource.org/docs/Spring-MVC-step-by-step/part2.html What they do is move all .jsp files inside the WEB-INF, to stop users accessing them directly... so far ...

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I have created a simple web application, for which I want all responses with 404 status code to be redirected to an error page within my web-app. I have included the following ...

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I'm trying to make my first servlet to run in eclipse for j2ee with tomcat 7.0, but I can't figure it out what i am doing wrong. I run the whole ...

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i have the following project structure:

when i try to put this project in tomcat webapp and try to execute index.jsp i get the error:
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP: 

An ...

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How to invoke a simple servlet using the following URL: http://localhost:8080/servlet/MyServlet I placed it in the folder: tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes I've read there is no need to mention the servlet in web.xml. I did ...

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I have a such problem: i've set the dafault error page in web.xml on java.lang.Exception type, thus it has to be shown on all exceptions in servlets and jsp. But ...

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I am using jsp to develop a web application...using tomcat server... I am facing a bit problem in creating the web.xml file....what confusion i am having is that can an application have ...

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This is probably obvious, but I can't find any details on it. After watching a video on tomcat 7, it was mentioned that it was possible to log the final web.xml ...

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Now I have the following problem: I am trying to create a website using Tomcat 7 and JSP. But I am not capable of configurating the server properly. I want a website that shows ...

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I am working on a project for school and am completely frustrated. The project is to get a simple JSP/Servlet demo working on our personal websites and after probably 20+ ...

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Simple question really. Can a webapp access a config file I define and put at the Tomcat->Conf sort of level, or am I restricted to web.xml environment variables alone? I suspect ...

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The following web.xml doesn't seem to work:


Instead, a directory listing is shown. I have an index.html file in ...

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