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1. How to get parameters from the URL with JSP

In JSP how do I get parameters from the URL? For example I have a URL
I want to get the 5.

Is there a request.getAttribute( "accountID" ) like ...

2. How can I get URL parameters which have no value?

access using URL:
how can I get the String "abc" ? thanks for help :)

3. URL Parameters and AJAX Problem

I have a JSP page that when loaded calls a JavaScript function (loadData()), this function uses an AJAX request to retrieve data from a servlet and return the necessary HTML content ...

4. How to consume servlet ClientResource with URL parameters?

I have a restlet resource mapped as follows:

router.attach("/activities/{userid}/{criteria}/{value}", ActivitiesResource.class);
I am testing the resource from cmd line with curl and it works OK. Now I want to consume it from another resource. ...

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9. URL w/multiple parameters in Outlook

Hello all! I'm currently having the following problem: My web app has a "Send Mail" feature which needs to open Outlook via a simple mailto. Once the outlook window opens, I populate the subject and body fields, as such: Subject: Re: Permit Number Body: Please click the following link: The http link is a url ...

11. & in url parameter value

12. URL Parameters

1. I am not passing parameters through a JSP/Servlet. I am calling web tool of the application to set a URL with parameters, i.e : http://localhost/test.jsp?user=abc&det=rrrr. In this case if user can copy the URL and modify some parameters and it can be used again with the changed parameters. If I would have been sending the parameters through Html/Jsp page then ...

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