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I am a newbie servlet programmer. I am trying to do this right. I wrote a filter to intercept a servlet request and check if the URL needs the user to ...

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I need some help with regards to the url redirection. Here is the problem. We have a website with a section as we have another domain The task ...

3. how to redirect url to jsp in web.xml

(Should be an easy one-)
How can I redirect all urls of the pattern yada*.js into a my specific jsp.
will this addition to my web.xml work:


4. How to prevent duplicate URL concatination after redirect?

I wrote a page login.jsp (tomcat6) which has login form (username, password etc). I've mapped the form action and servlet so the form submission results in invocation of login servlet. 1. login.jsp has ...

5. How to redirect from Servlet to website (and keep URL)

Currently, I am using dispatch.forward in my servlet to redirect the user to the new page, but I want the redirected page to have the URL of the actual page file ...

6. java servlet redirecting to url which automatically direct it to another how to get current url

i have servlet that i redirect to url which automatically directs the server to another url html page, now when i try to get current url to now i ...

8. Redirecting url with parameter

I want to redirect the url
I am having issues in passing paramenter while redirecting. Can any one help me in this. What can i ...

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