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1. How to pass data from Interceptor to URL and JSP?

I have an authen interceptor that check if user is logged in. If not than it will redirect to the login page, with a query string param "url" indicating the referrer URL. ...

2. paraemeters in url structure

I've coded a website in Jsp/Struts. The application contains a profile for each user. When a user wants to give his profile's link to others, he gives it like this : ...

3. Automatic URL and email generation using Java

I want to generate an email containing a URL( to a specific Action subclass in Struts 1.3 ). Questions :

  1. How to generate the email.
  2. How to create a URL which calls a struts ...

4. user friendly urls in j2ee application

I want to develop a forum application using jsp, servlets.Now i want to have user friendly url to each post eg
and I dont want to use something like that
How can ...

5. Struts2 url problem

I am writing a struts2 application and to access the system the users has to login. The action I have works correctly and the system works fine but after the action ...

6. Struts 2 URL won't substitute with correct value

I am following the Struts 2 Tutorial - Using Struts 2 Tags So far everything have been working as expected until I added the following to index.jsp:

<s:url action="hello" var="helloLink">

7. accessing url parameters in jsp.

Hi, I need to access certain url parameters and pass them on as the query string to an iframe within the jsp So, if the incoming url is : http://localhost:9080/myapp/searchForm.action?mainObj.childObj=xyz&abc=123i need to pass to iframe as :