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1. Why does Tomcat resolve context path differently for certain url-mappings?

So, I'm trying to write a servlet which can handle a url mapping like:

Before, when I was specifying the url pattern, I was just doing:
But, for what I'm trying ...

2. Struts2 - Linking to external URL on JSP *excluding* local context path?

Using Struts2, I compute a link in my java code and expose the link's string in a getter for the JSP page. I try to link to this external link using ...

3. How to set context path to the hyperlink url in java

 <html:link href="/dnweb/" styleClass="small" onclick="appendHref(this)"> 
       <bean:message key="link.find"/>
The above code having context name as "/dnweb". This is given as hardcoded. But i ...

6. context.provider_url