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1. Stripes: all URLs resolved through StripesDispatcher and forwarded to pre-compiled JSPs

Is it possible to have the StripesDispatcher be the sole determiner of webserver urls by looking at the @UrlBinding annotations on action beans AND also having those action beans forward to ...

2. Redirect URL path to forward to tomcat servlet using Apache/mod_proxy

I currently have a tomcat servlet 1 running under the ROOT: I'm using mod_proxy and simply forwarding all requests from to this instance. This is working as of today. I now have installed ...

3. How do you detect the URL in a Java Servlet when forwarding to JSP?

I have a servlet that looks something like this:

public class ExampleServlet extends HttpServlet {
 public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {
with a web.xml mapping like:

4. Display forwarded JSP with url-pattern "/*"

To improve my java skills, I'm trying to build a simple j2ee framework (MVC). I built it to handle every request in a FrontServlet. Here is the mapping that I ...