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1. URL mapping in Servlets

I am building a site with JSPs and Servlets. How do I map a URL like this so that I get the response as if the request was

2. Servlet mapping url patterns

I have the following urls that need mapping to two different servlets. Can anyone suggest a working url-pattern please? vehlocsearch-ws:

So far I have this, ...

3. Tool to reverse map JSP to URL?

Is there a tool to automate the task of finding out where a given JSP is used, by URL? Ultimately, the question I need to answer is, What URL(s) do I need ...

4. Servlet Mapping URL pattern


5. Java Servlet URL Mapping

i fairly new to java servlet. Please forgive me if this question seems stupid. I have add servlet mapping such as servlet class and url pattern using netbeans in web.xml servlet tab ...

6. Servlet URL mapping creating problem

I'm unable to identify the problem, I've the following URL Pattern for opening the report servlet,



7. Avoiding the endless loop in JSP servlet mapping

I've got this issue, recently I read about the REST arquitecture and it makes a perfect sense, so I'd like to achieve a RESTful web application. Now, I'm following ...

8. Mapping servlet url-pattern problem with eclipse

I am using Eclipse Java-EE and I'm trying to make a servlet from there. However, I see a problem with mapping url-pattern in web.xml, the tomcat server wont initialise when the ...

9.  in

Case 1

Case 2
If I use case 1 ...

10. How can I map a url-pattern ending .jsp to a servlet?

I'd like a map a URL that used to point to a JSP directly onto a servlet, but my efforts so far - mapping the following url pattern to my servlet... <url-pattern>/folder/myoldjsp.jsp</url-pattern> have ...

11. Servlet URl mapping

I have a servlet wich generates a picture, "pictureServlet" to reach the servlet i use :

URL pictureURL = new URL("http://localhost:8888/Picture-portlet/pictureServlet");
Embedded Picture = new Embedded("", new ExternalResource(pictureURL));
the Code is being executed in ...

12. URL Mapping

13. url mapping

14. How to exclude an url-pattern from servlet-mapping?

If the servlet container you are using is Tomcat, plain resources are served by the "default" servlet. See the mapping in the base web.xml file in ${tomcat_home}/conf - this is also where .jsp get mapped to the jsp processing servlet etc. I would try changing the default servlet mapping to /data/* in that web.xml. Bill

15. No servlet maps to URL

17. a problem with servlet url mapping

18. Unusual servlet URL mapping -- is this possible?

It turns out that this mapping is possible and that I just hadn't taken care of using the proper mapping ordering of the JAX-WS endpoints being used by my application. It seems that if your servlets are actually JAX-WS endpoints, as mine are, then you need to also have the endpoint mappings in the right order as well in sun-jaxws.xml. I ...

19. servlet-mapping / url-pattern: / vs /*

The answer is in the servlet spec: quote: SRV.11.2 Specification of Mappings In theWeb application deployment descriptor, the following syntax is used to define mappings: * A string beginning with a / character and ending with a /* suffix is used for path mapping. * A string beginning with a *. prefix is used as an extension mapping. * A string ...

20. Map wild card url pattern to servlet

22. URL-Pattern Issue #2 - How to map ROOT URL to a servlet?

Hello, I am trying to map the ROOT URL to a servlet within the document descriptor. I have tried; / Although this throws all files through to my servlet such as images and as such causes all kinds of errors. What I am aiming to do is to handle all visitors to the home page using a servlet. I need to ...

23. question about servlet-mapping url-patterns

I have a servlet mapping that looks something like this myServlet /myServlet What is being passed in looks like this I would think the above mapping would catch it but it is getting a 404. Do I need to make some changes to account for the parameter being passed in? I should add that this is running on ...

24. URL and mapping to servlets

25. / vs /* servlet URL mapping

26. URL-Pattern mappings must contain /servlet/?

No, mappings do not need to contain the word "servlet" -- in fact, doing so make one look rather naive. The ".do" pattern is also a holdover from Struts1 days and looks naive and amateurish. Also, servlet mappings should not contain file types such as .jsp and .html. I'm not surprised that those are causing problems. Modern mappings should be straight-forward ...

27. mapping a servlet to multiple urls.

28. quick question about url/jsp mapping