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1. URL routing and relative links in Tomcat 5.5

I'm trying to add URL routing to a web application running in Tomcat 5.5. I want to make the dynamic page URLs more friendly, changing main.jsp?type=test&group=info to main/test/info as is all the ...

2. Relative URLs in JSP specification

I have taken below paragraphs from JSP 2.1 specification document. I'm confused and I need some help with this.

A page relative path is a path that does not start ...

3. How do I find/get my relative paths when using restful java and corresponding JSPs

Say I have a that has these 3 functions to direct traffic to the 3 jsps (index.jsp, create.jsp, show.jsp)

public class Controller

  public void index(@Context HttpServletRequest ...

4. IE Not using redirected URL for resolving relative URLs

I have a servlet that generates CSS for a given colorScheme name if it exists in the database. However, should the colorScheme not be found, it issues a response.sendRedirect() to the ...

5. How to set relative URL in servlet jsp

I'm jumping into an existing JSP project, using eclipse spring, tomcat 6. Our project currently has the URL: http:localhost/path1 as its base. In my index.jsp, when I try to reference .css & .js ...

6. Relative URL specification

7. problem resolving relative urls in jsp/servlet

hello, I am stuck in the concept of forwarding a request from a servlet to a jsp page, which uses tag,and is unable to load the class simplify things here how it is 1.I have quick-search.html in c:\tomcat\webapps\travel 2.This submits the form to a servlet in c:\tomcat\webapps\webclient\servlets\coreservlets (and class in the default dir under c:\tomcat\webapps\root\web-inf\classes)by


8. Servlet path mapping and relative URLs

I understand that using a relative URL as the value for an HTML href attribute is usually considered A Good Thing To Do. However, is there a way to make relative URLs work reliably in combination with servlet "path mapping"? Here's a problem situation... MyServlet produces an HTML page that uses a relative URL to locate a stylesheet, like this:

9. Keeping url short and relative

10. Relative URL in JSP

But it resolve to the actual directory in the file system and I am unable to download the file by clicking the hyper link. I can only do this by right clicking -> Save Target As... on IE7. Can some one help me to generate the link so that clicking on it will prompt the user to save the file. Thanks, ...