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I have a servlet who's main purpose is to run a timed job that sends email to a list of recipients when certain error conditions occur (based upon checking a table in the DB). Included in this email is a link to a web page that the user can click on to view more details about the errors. The issue that ...

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I apologize if this is an elementary question, but I can't seem to find an exact answer from Google or while cruising these forums. I am expiring and refreshing a cache of documents from a servlet. The only way to refresh the cache is by hitting a URL which causes a page to load, thereby refreshing the cache. I really don't ...

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Basically, I am doing authentication. Servlet is acting as a request controller for mutiple JSP pages. Here are the steps that I am doing. 1. Pass parameters from A.JSP(form parameters) 2. In B Servlet , call request.getParameter to get the parameters 3. Servlet delegates the authentication process to Session bean by passing those parameters. 4. Once "true" is returned from Session ...

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I developed a couple of jsp pages now when I am uploading it I have to change URLs everywhere and its taking a lot of time. IN eclipse we have to give url as localhost:portNumber/appName/pageName but it gets changed when we host. Please suggest the best practice which should be followed to avoid this cumbersome work. [ November 24, 2008: Message ...

15. toplink.jdbc.url ignored in persistence.xml    coderanch.com

The way you have configured JPA and used it in Glassfish, the optional transaction-type attribute of persistence-unit element is set to JTA (default value when used in a container). If you want to provide the URL as a property in persistence.xml, you should change the transaction-type to RESOURCE_LOCAL. They way it is now, to make it work, you need to create ...

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Hello, From my jsp page I need to call a url to a perl script running on apache web server. The perl script does some calculations and generates the output. I want the generated output to be included in the jsp page that calls the url Any idea how to achieve it? I tried calling response.sendRedirect("http://myexampleserver.com/cgi-bin/www/test/test.pl") but it loads the resulting ...

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forget it read this one computer will generate two threads and sends two parameters appended to a URL the other two system will get the values "first" and "last". and based on the values it will further proceed. the java file creates URL and threads will be the part of the program. so the question is how will i get these ...

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Not much you can do about it. When the other site redirects to your site with that parameter on the URL, there's nothing that you can do to hide it after the fact. If you don't want the parameter to show, the other site will need to POST rather than redirect to your site.

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Hi guys! I have a method that will download a file from a specified URL, but my browser that does not prompt a download dialog? Am i doing it right?here is my code (im using webwork framework): public String downloadFile() throws IOException{ HttpServletResponse response = ServletActionContext.getResponse(); ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream(); response.setContentType("application/octet-stream"); response.setHeader("Content-Disposition","attachment;filename=JavaGetUrl.java"); URL url = new URL("http","www.devdaily.com","/java/files/java-get-url/JavaGetUrl.java"); InputStream in = url.openStream(); ...

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I think this is rather simple, but I can't seem to get this to work: I have a url as follows: http://localhost:8080/Ship2Storage/landing.s2s that works very well. I'd like to set it up where once I enter http://localhost:8080, I get to the servlet I want. currently using: Eclipse Tomcat 5.5, run with workspace metadata Struts 1.3.10 Tiles my web.xml as follows:

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Hi, I want to display one table contents on a webpage using pagination. I want to show 20 entries (20 columns) per page. My web.xml file content (just the servlet part) CloudServlet com.komli.servlets.CloudServlet CloudServlet /baadal/list/cloud CloudServlet /baadal/list/cloud/page/* I want to use just one servlet to display all pages of pagination. How do i specify in ...

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I want to put the requested url into the includes statement so that I can have one template jsp page with the header and footer etc in it and just have the server include content from the requested file for each webpage, so that I don't have to edit every single web page if I change the name of an included ...

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Hi i am currently stuck in a dilemma. I was thinking about an application in which users could add books randomly.. Now when the database is queried it displays all the books present with a hyperlink under the names of the books.When a user clicks on the hyperlink a separate jsp page is loaded with the details of the book. What ...

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Hi, My application context root is '/rr/la' and my login page is '/login.xhtml'. But i need to extract some information from the URL. So the request can come like '{http}//server:port/rr/la/abcd/efgh/login.xhtml'. I need to extract 'abcd/efgh'. Extraction is easy. But my problem is that when i do 'request.getRequestURI()' in my Servlet Filter it gives me '/rr/la/login.xhtml' rather that '/rr/la/abcd/efgh/login.xhtml'. How to get ...

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hey guys, I can't remember what do we need to change in catalinahome/conf/server.xml file where we need to uncomment one servlet thing. like right now my main page displays. But everytime i try to use a login id and password to login it is suppose to execute my query which is running in a .java file. If true then give access ...

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