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Hello I'm building a web application (online store) where an admin can upload a new product. One of the input type is a file (image of the product) I want the images of ...

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The below HTML element is allowing all types of files to upload.

<input type="file" name="fileUploaded"/>
I want to restrict the file type to .txt only, how do I achieve this? I am using Apache ...

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I'm doing a file upload, and I want to get the Mime type from the uploaded file. I was trying to use the request.getContentType(), but when I call:

String contentType = req.getContentType();
It will ...

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Dear Sir; I don't want to try to reinvent the wheel. I Just want to understand the concept. 1) Why that approach exposed in the first post doesn't work? 2) What is the functionality of the HttpServletRequest.getInputStream? It's useful for what? 3) Maybe I have to submit the form with a method="PUT" ???