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1. For the Web UI gurus    stackoverflow.com

I finally reached the point in my web app where implementing simple requirements is becoming overwhelming. I'm guessing it's time for a nice refactoring or a simple garbage and redo. Here are ...

2. How can I know user is typing or pasting?    stackoverflow.com

In text fields of my JSP, I wish to know whether user is typing in the data or just pasting. How can I identify this using javascript ? EDIT: As per Andy's answer ...

3. Can I call a local user program in JSP?    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to invoke a local program in JSP? for example, to add a button to a jsp page, and when the user press the button the windows calculator app ...

4. Add MS Office communicator presence indicator into JSP    stackoverflow.com

I want to add MS Office communicator presence indicator into my Java Application(jsp). Please assist! Thanks in advance!!! Pritesh

5. Enable the unicode typing mode to my project to the users in java web application    stackoverflow.com

I want to enable the typing mode to Tamil by checking an check box. That is, I want code in java or javascript to enable the Tamil mode like Tamil Wikipedia. ...

6. Maximum number of user for a web application    stackoverflow.com

In my web application i need to restrict the maximum number of user accessing my web application.The no of users are configured in a separate properties file.I have created a HttpSessionListener ...

7. JSP & Html User Interface    stackoverflow.com

I developed a system using JSP with Java Studio Creator and connect it with Data Base. But after finishing it , the interface was not so good and I want to ...

8. Stop the USER ! !    coderanch.com

How would i go about stopping the user from leaving a page that i start them up on? I only want a particular page displayed and i dont want the user to go to anyother page. Is there a way of doing this? I would prefer a programming solution hint =) Thank you =)

9. Enable JSP on a user a/c    coderanch.com

The apache can connect to tomcat now. When I run http://localhost/examples/servlet/MyHelloWorld, it works now. I did not setup Virtualhost. However, I have many users like localhost/~userA. I tried to add JkMount /*.jsp ajp13, JkMount /servlet/* ajp13 to httpd.conf in-between . However, the apache cannot be started because they cannot be added in-between . I also tried to add

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14. Remembering users...    coderanch.com

IMO, letting the Application Server do this for you is better/easier. Just tell the server what pages are to be secured, tell it what your login page is, what your error page is, and anytime a secure page is accessed the Application checks to see if anyone is logged in or not and redirects appropriatly. I am doing this with Tomcat ...

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20. Listing Users    coderanch.com

Hello, I have a jsp page a particular task is assigned to multiple users. At the moment, the users are picked from a combo box and assign and this process is continued. For the end users, it's a tedious job. If I display in a table and with check boxes, the user list is big and end user has to scroll ...

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24. User Behavior Tracing    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh: We are developing an application based on MVC architecture. I want to trace the user navigational behavior. We plan to have logic implemented in controller. But when user clicks on any link in JSP, it calls another JSP page directly and not sending request to the controller. As you said that you are following MVC architecture. ...

26. activate and deactivate the user status    coderanch.com

27. activate and deactivate the user status in jsp    coderanch.com

i have a file called index1.jsp and in ths file i have a drop down box which includes the usernames which resides in the database.and below this dropdown box i have a submit button the value is activate.So while clicking the button the username will be actvated which is chosen from the drop down box.How can i do this?Similar is the ...

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33. add user    coderanch.com

Hi, help me with this please I am working in this jsp-cookie issue, and have this two .jsps: "1.jsp" and "2.jsp" the first "1.jsp" looks like this(snippet): It asks the user for his username, and it add it to a cookie


<% if(request.getParameter("user") != null){ String rt = ...

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37. gatting the details of the user    coderanch.com

hi alll.. im presently working on jsp.my problem here is i just have to get the user names from the database and if i clicked on the name the perticular persons details shoul be displayed which are present in the data base.how can i do this im able to display all the names from the data base but the problem is ...

39. How to write code in jsp and hide it from the user    coderanch.com

Hi All, In my application i have to save data in to the pdf file. The code to generate the pdf file i have written in the javabean. when i run the application the file get saved at the server side and not at the user side. so my question is whether we can write a code in jsp and still ...

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41. User identification    coderanch.com

Hey guys! I was wondering how I would go about keeping tracking of the potential users in my web shop ? I mean I know I can force them to log in, but then what ? What do I use to tie that user to his "account". And besides most web shops don't require you to log in :/ I've searched ...

42. J2EE, how to let users know, that application is down    coderanch.com

We have a J2EE application for several hundreds of users. From time to time we need to deploy new version or do some service tasks. Does exist any technique to let the users know, that the application is currently down? When users try to enter application via .../index.do, it should redirect them to some static page announcing 'Application under repair'. But ...

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