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1. jsp validation in same page

i want to validate the text box values in same jsp page and the output will be shown in the same jsp page .Is that possible

2. How to do validation in java script involve two jsp page?

First page's image Second page's image enter image description here First page's code

<jsp:useBean id="labelBean" scope="session"
    class="" />
<jsp:useBean id="txLimitMaintBean" scope="session"
    class="" />
<jsp:useBean id="lang" scope="session"

3. please validate my jsp page

I agree with your comments. And I am trying to incorporate JSP in right manner. Since I am working on old application which is being hosted in a Apache/tomcat server with OS solaris. There are lots of application hosted there. I cannot change the whole set up rigt now for each application. I wanted to write a connection class inside a ...

4. How to to validation in java script involve two jsp page?

This is first page.. After user click Update button it will go to second page at the following.. [list]I have success validate the new limit cannot exceed 2000 for 3rd Party Transfer. Coding for first page !! -------------------------- <%@ page import="java.util.Iterator"%> <%@ page import=""%> <%@ page ...