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1. Init a sessionScope variable every time an JSP app runs

I really to init a sessionScope variable when an app runs. Which is the right way to do this ? // Edit: Firstly, I want to sorry for my not understandable ...

2. referencing a variable in a jsp from a servlet

Thanks! I've been looking into how to display a textbox on my web page and it looks like a pretty simple way is to use a form. So if I use a "submit form" button, you're saying that I can't pass the values to the service method? I thought that using a hidden form field meant that you couldn't see the ...

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4. html in variable inside a servlet

5. storing variable so it can be used by 2 servlets

hi all, I have a jsp file which posts to a servlet. The servlet is meant to go to a database, run a query and display one column from last row only i.e the row with most recent updated date. All this is pretty simple so far but now there is a need to display all the rows coming back from ...

6. Enviromential variable for servlet

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