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1. How can I access a JavaScript variable value in JSP?

function modification()

  var rec=document.getElementById("record").value;
  Connection connect = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:DSN","scott","tiger");
  Statement stm=connect.createStatement();
  String record=""; // I want value of "rec" here.

  ResultSet rstmt=stm.executeQuery("select * ...

2. How can i access javascript variables in JSP?

I want to access Javascript variables in JSP code. How can I do that?

3. How to access an element by giving a variable in JSP using getElementById?

I have the following code:

var id1="Times"+another_variable;
Basically, I need to pass a variable in the getElementById, how do i do it?

4. jsp variable accessing

<% String fname=request.getParameter("like"); %>
i wnt to use this fname variable inside function which is defined after this statement...... i have tried with global declaration like <%! %> its nt there any ...

5. accessing variables outside while loops

I have a recordset, where I take data out of a database through a while loop. i need to access this variable again outside the loop so I can update the database. For some reason, I cannot access this variable again outside the loop. Has anyone got any ideas? This is the code. rs = st.executeQuery("select * from customer where customer_id= ...

6. JSP accessing Server Variables("LOGON_User")

Howdy Luven, welcome to the Ranch! If the LOGON_USER element you are referring to is an environment variable, then there is no supported way in Java (and this is in general, not just in the JSP arena) to obtain its value. What is generally done is to take the value of 'interesting' environment variables and declare them as Java system properties ...

7. variable access in jSP

hi, I suppose you are using include directive, then you can use variable of A.jsp in B.jsp like any other variable of a jsp file, but do remember to declare the variable in A.jsp before including B.jsp Also, in this case you will not be able to use B.jsp alone as you will not declare the variable in B.jsp.... if you'll ...

8. Javascript accessing jsp variable

9. Accessing variables without getters?

12. Accessing javascript variable in jsp

14. Accessing javascript variable in jsp

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