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even"> I am printing the rows in Zebrastips, for that i am doing ' if item.count%2==1' then apply cssClass ' even'. But i am skipping one row from the retrieved list. It is ...

2. Predefined variable "out" in declaration

out is a reference to the output stream that is open to the client- in a declaration you are in a responseless context, it code that is defined without the context of a request and response being available so you cant have an out - out is a dynamic resource that is only available while the request is valid. What you ...

3. variable in scriplet and declaration

5. variable declaration and removal

6. jsp global variable declaration

7. Problem with multiple variable declaration

I am writing a jsp that lets a user pick a favorite technology and then displays the results. The problem is that my declarations keep overwriting the other variables so if you select the third option the first time then the results are correct, however if you choose option one the next time then option 3 goes to 0 and option ...

8. How to declare a numeric type variable using EL

below is my code piece.

${mn:htmlFormat(attribute.displayName)} something

9. Can I declare a variable inside Jsp_init()

Hi all, I am aware of the jsp elements like declarations, scriptlets , directives , expressions. But the code with these elements land up either on class level or inside service method. Can I declare a variable inside the init() of the jsp without overwriting the init() fully. Thanks for your answers. John