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I want to access a variable of type Map from my model using EL. e.g. ${name} = "mycar" ${mycar} = "ferrari" I tried ${${name}} but it doesn't work. The expected value is "ferrari". What ...

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I have a variable ${bean.name} how can i pass it to a javascript var? I've tried var name = "${bean.name}" and var name = ${bean.name} but it does ...

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I'm using Spring MVC for my controller, and JSPs are my presentation layer. Inside my Spring controller, I have:

model.put("issues", dataManager.getIssues());
model.put("functions", dataManager.getFunctions());
So now inside my JSP, I have access to
That's all well and ...

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Hi, several times the page displayed fine though a corrupt data was used inside a JSP like: ... ${nonExistentVar.bla} ... The same counts for using jsp tags where jsp-namespace are not declared:

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