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1. Getting 'global' variables from other jsp pages?

Can a variable declared in one jsp file be used in another, if imported? Example:

// index.jsp
int count = 40;

<%@include file='go.jsp'%><%

// go.jsp
count += 10;
is count visible to go.jsp? I am guessing this ...

2. synchronizing global variables in a servlet

I have a couple of global variables in a servlet. Individual servlet sessions read from and wrote to these variables. They are used to coordinate values posted ...

3. Is it possible to use a global variable in Java to Jsp

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Hi, I have a public or global variable res used in ...

4. update global variable in Web application

I have one global variable in servlet context, when application start up, I will read it from properties file, then it counts by itself, until the application is shut down, I ...

5. Declaring global variables in JSP

Roy, you are corect. It doesnot make it available to other JSP pages. It has to be added as an attribute to the session and have the other pages access the variable from the session. it can also be added to the request object and then forward that to the other pages.

6. Global variables

"request" object is avilable only inside the service and related method like doPost, doGet methods. When you declare it global(class level) variable. The variable will be out side the service method of jsp. Hence "request" object do not have any value assigned, hence you are getting error. -arun [ January 28, 2003: Message edited by: Arun Boraiah ]

7. Global variable

Hi all, If i declare a variable as global in jsp like <% ! int i = 0; %> <% i++; %> At the first time it displays 1 while I click on refresh button of my browser it displays 2 how does it gets stored like a session though i am refreshing the page. Regards, aakash

9. Global Variable in JSP pages

10. Servlet global variables

You can use a scoped variable in the appropriate context. Translation: context.setAttribute(). Determine the lifetime needed for the variable and choose one of request, session or application context. But such implicitness can come with a confusion cost. If the variable is one that is only used in the processing of a single request, I would resist the urge to laziness and ...

13. Global config variables in a web application - programming style?

Hi, I'm looking for general advice as to how I should implement global config variables in a webapp. At the moment I create a singleton object at startup (done in ServletContextListener.contextInitialized()...). My singleton reads a config file and stores the values in variables. I used a singleton to make sure that there are no multiple copies of the global config variables. ...

14. JSP: using global variable

I have a login.jsp and a thread.jsp. Once the user has logins successfully, a sesssion will be created. However, in thread.jsp, I know how to check a session, but how do I check the 'user' that is logged on? Do I need to store the 'user' in a global variable? If yes, how?

15. Global Variable for all servlets