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1. where should we place HIDDEN variable in JSP    stackoverflow.com

I need to use hidden variables in my JSP for session tracking. This is the code:

<input type="hidden" name="REQ_TOKEN" value="<%=session.getAttribute("SESN_TOKEN").toString()%>" />
I am using this to compare the request token with session token, ...

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I have this strange problem I have list of rooms with hyperlinks , i am calling the listtranscripts.jsp file when the user click on the link , but i want to know on which link user clicked.I mean the room name , for that i used the hideen , but somwhow it is returning null, i think i am doing something ...

3. hidden variable?    coderanch.com

I am guessing that you mean a hidden field in an HTML form. As far as servlet request objects are concerned, the value in a hidden field is treated just like other form values. You can write a value into a field when the html page is created or have Javascript put a value there. Use hidden fields for any text ...

4. hidden variable    coderanch.com

I am not getting the values in the secondjsp when i am passing the variable through the hidden variable. Please tell me where i did the mistake. Below is the piece of code i wrote... Firstjsp: function selectChanged(obj){ alert(obj); if(obj=='English'){ document.inputform.valsel.value = obj; alert(document.inputform.valsel.value); document.inputform.submit(); } }

Language :

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6. Regarding maintaining hidden variables    coderanch.com

Originally posted by PradeepBhatt Prasad: So we have to use only request scope in our application. Can we store the list as string array. If yes can you show me a snippet of code . I have written a piece of snippet below. Is ...

7. Advantage of using hidden variables    coderanch.com

Hidden variables in forms allow you to follow the state of the user without using cookies or sessions. Since many people try to avoid using cookies as a security measure, hidden variables are more universal. Disadvantages: 1. Users can easily inspect the values by using "view source" in the browser. 2. You have to program your own equivalent of sessions if ...

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9. problem in accessing the hidden variable from a jsp page.    coderanch.com

Hi every body. i am having problem in accesing a hidden variable from a jsp page. my problem description is i have a hidden variable "statusHidn" in my jsp page. i am appending int values of an array into it through javascript function. the function is as below function submitForm() { alert("Hi"); var table=document.getElementById('tbl_thumbRule'); var rowsLength=table.rows.length; alert("rowlength ...