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I get a "Duplicate Local Variable" error in JSP after build in RAD. I have same variable names inside scriptlet tags different logic:present / logic iterate tags. Sample code. <logic:present> <% ...

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I am new to JSTL. Is there way to use a jsp local variable inside a or . I will give an example for my question: test.jsp //See if user has responded.If yes, redirect to confirmation page or else create a new user bean and put it in session. <% boolean hasResponded = false; String userName = request.getParameter("userName") ? request.getParameter("userName") ...

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Hello, I am using scripting elements (in JSP )to create objects that I then want to let actions access, I want to place them in the appropriate scope, which I am doing as under: ... <% userInfo = new Member1(); pageContext.setAttribute("userInfo", userInfo); %> I want to ask the following qtns: 1) What will be the scope of ...

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