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1. From an included JSP, how do we access a variable declared in another included JSP (same parent)

I have a parent JSP with code that looks like

<jsp:include page='a.jsp' flush='true'/>
<jsp:include page='b.jsp' flush='true'/>
<jsp:include page='c.jsp' flush='true'/>
a.jsp has a Java object which I need to access in c.jsp Is there a way to ...

3. Get a variable from jsp inside iframe to its parent jsp

Frames are a client side phenomenon. To the server, they're different webpages generated from different requests. You'll either need to store the value in a session scoped variable or use client side coding to pass the value between frames. If you want the take the second route, let us know and we'll move this thread to our HTML/Javascript forum for you. ...