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1. JSP pass Variable

I have to write a website with JSP and Servlets which displays a questionnaire and gets the result of the user. I've already written the question object, a questionnaire (random list of ...

2. Passing a variable to jsp when reloading an iframe using javascript

In my javascript code I load a jsp page in an iframe and pass some variables like this: htmlData[i++]="<iframe id=\"mapframe\" frameborder=\"0\" style=\"width:330px;height:300px\" src=\"" + "mapURL.jsp" ...

3. Pass variables from servlet to jsp

How can I pass variable from servlet to jsp? setAttribute and getAttribute didn't work for me :-(

4. passing javascript variable to jsp

What kind of variable is there in your JSP? A Java variable? If that is the case then you are doing many things wrong. You should not have Java scriplets in ...

5. Passing Variables

How do you pass variables from one JSP page to another when you're not using a SUBMIT? For example, I have three JSP pages. Page 1 gets input from the user and calls Page 2. Page 2 does a database lookup (using a bean) and presents the results as links. What I want is that when I click on one of ...

6. passing javascript variable to scriptlets.

Im really doing it the reverse way....actually I need to pass a javascripts variables to a I can include that in the session.....but I tried the most possible way...and it did not work...I guess I have invoke the url from the browser and passed the values from the javascripts works.....thanks for the time...bye

8. JSP & Javascript variables (passing one to other)

UPDATE I'm currently trying to pass the variable via a hidden form field. But, perhaps someone may know a better way to solve this problem. I have: 1. an html table built dynamically with JSP 2. javascript event handlers to handle an onclick on a table cell Now, what I want to do is when an onclick occurs in a given ...

10. passing variable to jsp

12. Passing Variables

14. Passing variables

15. passing variables

Wrong question. The question should be: what makes the most sense in the context of the application: a redirect or a forward. Then pass the variables accordingly. Tell us more about the processing that is going on in this scenario so we can advise whether a redirecto ro froward would be appropriate.

17. Passing Variable from JSP to JAVA

20. passing variables to jsps

21. Passing Variables to JSP

22. Passing variables to a servlet...

Hi all, Inside my servlet, I have the lines: String action = request.getParameter("ACTION"); if (action.equals("admin")) { //do some thing really, really cool here... } I want the servlet to grab a parameter from the URL line. In my JSP, I've got the line (which doesn't work!!): Portal (admin)
I can change the JSP any way I want, but I can't ...

23. passing variables from Servlet to JSP

24. to pass variable to servlet from html

25. Passing variables jsp and servlet

I have a jsp called customer.jsp that calls a action class called CustomerAction. This Action insert information from the jsp into a database. One of the fields for example first name I would like to display in the next jsp that follows. I have done this with request.setAttribute("first", firstname); then I can display it on the next jsp using logic resent ...

26. Passing JSP variable to Javascript

27. Passing Variables from jsp to servlet

28. Passing a javascript variable to JSP

Hi. I'm trying to get a String value from my Javascript form and place it in a session attribute, so I can later get it via JSP code. I tried this: I created a hidden form field in my form called "mainForm", in my JSP page called "mainPage.jsp":

... then I placed a button later ...

29. How to pass java script variable to JSP?

You mean how to submit the variable's value in a forum so the JSP can read it. (JSPs can't read JavaScript variables.) You have two choices: 1) Put a string representing the array in the hidden field. (such as a comma separated value format).. If you go this route, you call request.getParameter() and parse it in Java. 2) Store each value ...

30. How do I pass a variable from one jsp to another?

For example: Say I've set the ID of btnDelete equal to the variable custID. When I click btnDelete I'd like to push that variable to the next page. To shed some light on why I'm not simply using request.getParameter: I'm filling a table with ...

33. passing variable to a jsp function

34. Passing Variable from JSP to JAVA

I don't get you. JSPs are Java. Do you actually mean "how do I create an HTML form, how do I let it submit the values to a servlet, and how do I use JDBC"? In that case, I would suggest you to read some tutorials and practice a little. If you don't mean that, please clarify your question.