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1. Scope of JavaScript Variables?

How can I access an JavaScript variable from within an JSP page ?

2. When do variable values die or deleted in Java

I thought I already know when a variable has a value. But I was surprised that the variable already have a value when I open it in another browser. I guess that the ...

3. Initialize application scoped variables

I have a JSP-based Webapp which is accessing a SOAP-Service for some auth-credentials verification. I want to put this Services URL in a application-scope Variable so I can easily pass to the ...

4. Variables Scope

This is just an extension for Jason's explanation. in jsp if you want class level variable to be declared then use <%! %> (declaration tag) to declare . Other variable i.e, declared in scriplet tag will be availabe to service method. Even you can define user defined method level variable with in declaration tag has explained below <%! public void testMethod(){// ...

6. Application scope for variable in jsp

7. scope of variable

8. Changing the scope of a variable

9. Variables Scope Question

10. Scope of Jsp Variables, Urgent

Hi all, I am coding a JSP page in which iam declaring some variables and initialising to some initial values. In the course of the page these variables value are changed depending on business logic, everything is ok for the first time, but when i call the jsp for the second time it is not initialising to the initial values which ...

11. scope of servlet variables

Scope in a Servlet is just the same as anywhere else except that app servers do pooling and other strage tricks to confuse you. You seem to be correct -- and class level variables could be a resource problem, but most seriously they are thread-unsafe -- unless you are very careful you may find all kinds of strange results. James

12. servlet variable scope?

13. Application Scope Variable