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1. Modify web.xml using Ant

Is there any way to strip elements out of a web.xml file using ANT? For example I have certain servlets I use for Unit Testing defined in the web.xml that are ...

2. Get display name from web.xml file

I am trying to get the Display name (Context Root) from web.xml file to avoid hardcoding a context root. Any help would be appreciated.

3. What is a servlet's "display-name" for?

The <display-name> element appears to be a valid sub-element of the <servlet> element as per the Servlet 2.5 deployment descriptor XSD. That is, according to Eclipse's XML validator, this:


4. Why do we use web.xml?

What is the use of web.xml and why do we use?


5. Refrence to all JSP files in web.xml

I have all the jsp files used by a webapp in a separate folder named jsp. I tried reference all the jsp files in the web.xml by the following way. But ...

6. Servlet JSP web.xml

I have not developed using JSP and Servlets for 3 years. So my question may seems a bit stupid. I see a feature in NetBeans for selecting a JSP for a Servlet ...

7. web.xml ignoring main JSP file

I'm trying to create a servlet which loads "FirstJSP.jsp" in WEB-INF/jsp/FirstJSP.jsp I'm having a problem with my web.xml file. I've looked through dozens of forum posts both on SO and elsewhere, yet ...

8. problem in mentioning servlet name in web.xml

HTTP Status 404 - /Chapter_3/CoffeeSelect type Status report message /Chapter_3/CoffeeSelect description The requested resource (/Chapter_3/CoffeeSelect) is not available.

9. Passing web.xml info to servlets

Help i'm stuck....trying to send information from web.xml to servlet to SimpleShoppingBasket servlet. The information from the web.xml file is passed successfully to the first servlet, but all information (apart from quantities) are listed as 0 or null when trying to send to the second servlet. I'm new to servlets so dont really have a clue what i'm doing!!! Could ...

11. servlet registration in web.xml

12. Can i set the no of threads per servlet in web.xml?

Limiting the number of Thread is possible but it is not part of the servlet API and web.xml. With the Tomcat server, look at the server.xml file entry: It is up to each server architect to provide for limiting simultaneous request processing Threads. In this case it is the ...

13. calling Servlet with out web.xml

14. Help on Servlets- web.xml not working

Sorry about the confusion on user Id ---------- "/jsp " in URL (/proj_name/jsp/ My tomcat home ( C:\tomcat 4.1)) has the folder named proj_name\jsp\ where i have my jsp - from where i Post the *.do JSP Page

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15. Servlet's web.xml

19. Servlets, web.xml and Invoker

Thanks for the replies. I have implementted a front controller. Thsi sis what I have done: 1. Created a front controller which gets invoked when a URL with /ted/ is entered. 2. It finds the servlet that it needs send request to. 3. It forwards the request to that servlet. Other points to note are: 1. Invoker servlet is disabled. 2. ...

21. Invoke Servlet Without changing web.xml

22. web.xml - errorpage not working for JSP or Servlets

How a solution of removing a option in IE be global to N number of users of a website? You should not give a solution for removing a option from IE to see the Custom Error Page or something else. Error message received while executing the servlet which doesn't exist on the server: HTTP Status 404 - /servlet/abc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- type Status ...

23. Configuring Servlets in web.xml

26. placing and configuring web.xml, servlets not available

Hi. Well, I start a new topic. I want to make sure these 4 things. So, all my java.files - including - servlets and one build.xml are in web-inf/src/package MyProject But just to make sure; 1. I have three servlets and I have to make three web.xml.files, right? 2. And Like this; ?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>