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hie i have all my web application contents inside a directory ui/page of WEB folder. I declared a welcome file pointing to /ui/page/index.html and it works fine. but all the links on the ...

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Please give me a sample web.xml file. I've know config servlet like this: myservlet MyServletClass Para1 Value1 But if i want to config a jsp file, what's the result? And How can i get the init parameter from the web.xml file? If you have a sample file, it will be very easy to understand.

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I can not get my tomcat server to see my Java Beans. Do I need to setup something in the web.xml file or no? I have the correct path it works great on my machine but when I move it to another in the same setup it does not see them. If so where is a good resource on how to ...

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Hi I have a JSP site that allows users to add a new subject....when they add a new subject, i want to be able to add a new folder in the root directory for this subject...I can add the folder thats ok, however i want users to upload to the new folder in the same session....i have a upload jar (called ...

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Hi, I'm trying to create a custom tag. tld file and taglib java file both are fine. there is no prob. If i try to start the server(tomcat 4.X.X), it shows exception. This error related to Header the header is, Welcome to Tomcat Welcome ...

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: Each initialization parameter for a servlet is specified using an element. It has child elements and which are name and value pair of the parameter. The value of the initialization parameter can be retrieved in the servlet code using the getInitParameter() method of the ServletConfig interface. And you can use the method getInitParameterNames to retrieve the names ...

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Yash, Welcome to JavaRanch! When you refer to a JSP by its relative path, the container knows where to find it. For example, "/jsp/HelloWorld.jsp". When you want to refer to it by an alias like "/Hello", you need to define this in the web.xml. For apps that are getting deployed somewhere, you will want to use the aliases so clients are ...

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hi all i am just modifing web.xml file by adding this information breed breed classes.com.MyServletContextListener when i try to validate the web.xml file then it give following error Parse Error at line 40 column 11: The content of element type "web-app" must match "(icon?,display-name?,description?,distributable?,context-param*,filter*,filter-mapping*, listener*,servlet*,servlet-mapping*,session-config?,mime-mapping*,welcome-file-list?,error-page*, taglib*,resource-env-ref*,resource-ref*,security-constraint*,login-config?,security-role*,env-entry*,ejb-ref*,ejb-local-ref*)". Every thing is right why it is giving error like this? ...

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Hi, when I am writing a custom tag,the tld file corresponding to that tag must have doctype .Now does this doctype has any relationship with the doctype of web.xml ? For example the doc type of web.xml in Tomcat and in Websphere are different,for that can there be any change required ? Regards, Ayan

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Thankyou Bear, I have done the script like this WEB-INF\web.xml Road Freighters Software for Road Freighters [B] pageTitle This is the page title [/B] ControlServlet com.euphontec.control.ControlServlet ControlServlet /ControlServlet 30 index.jsp In the index.jsp page I have done like this index.jsp <% ${initParam.pageTitle} %> ...

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i have a jsp at location c:\tomcat5.5\webapps\Myplots\src\jsp\Welcome.jsp Welcome.jsp [code] <% response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-store"); //HTTP 1.1 response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.0 response.setDateHeader ("Expires", 0); //prevents caching at %>

<%@ include file="header.jsp" %> and my PlotManagement.css is at c:\Tomcat5.5\webapps\Myplots\src\css\PlotManagement.css i configured the jsp in web.xml as second /src/jsp/Welcome.jsp second /welcomepage The raw data present in ...

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I mistakenly changed my web.xml, and now when i just try to load up a simple jsp through http://localhost:8080/cmt3082/Register.jsp, i get the error description The requested resource () is not available. My folder hierachy is like so: C: cmt3082 - jsp files WEB-INF classes - servlets Olympics - java classes My web.xml is one i got from uni, quite long. What ...

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