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1. Parse large XML files over a network

I did some quick searching on the site and couldn't seem to find the answer I was looking for so that being said, what are some best practices for passing large ...

2. xml Parsing problem using servlet

We are fetching data from MySQL database using a servlet. We want retrive that data in XML format. We already got an html page succesfully, but the problem now is we are ...

3. where should i locate xml file if i want to parse it inside java servlet

I want to parse xml file inside servlet, but an exception happen which JVM cannot specify the xml file location. here's the exception FormFieldsNames.xml (The system cannot find the file specified)
i ...

4. parsing jsp source code

I want to parse some jsp file. Is there any Java tool for the same? Or can a jsp file be saved in xml format? Is there any jsp->xml converter? In ...

5. Generating html files from xml file

I have a web page where the information of all the users are stored and I am storing the information of the users in a xml file. COnsider the name of the ...

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11. Parsing XML file from servlet

Originally posted by shaju joseph: I am trying to parse a XML file from /WEB-INF directory. I want to do it from a bean class which is instantiated in a servlet. What path I should give to parse this file ? Document doc = db.parse("/abc.xml") or Document doc = db.parse("/WEB-INF/abc.xml") ? Thanks for the help Shaju

14. XML Parsing issue

15. unable to parse xml using servlet

Hi, I am uploading an xml to database using a servlet and I use sax parser. The uploading task works fine for first request but for sucessive requests, the servlet hangs. Below is the code and please let me what is the fault here: saxParserFactory = SAXParserFactory.newInstance();saxParser = saxParserFactory.newSAXParser();saxHandler = new SAXHandler(newProjectTitle);synchronized (saxHandler){ saxParser.parse(filePathObject, saxHandler);} Thanks & Regards, Kumar.

16. XML parsing with JSP

Dear Friend, Suppose consider a XML String x = Ramc chandran Rama Chandran 53rd street k.k.nagar 04442127736 chennai india 600078 AQCPR9134L jan 2020 may may 93595835834 834 mastercard authentication USD 10000 10000 how can i parsing this xml string in jsp or servlet please help me

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