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I have a function that transforms XML according to a XSLT. To test it, I'm using it in a jsp but it's entering a lot of breaks before my output. ...

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I am new to the Java development. I need to populate XML fields in a JSP page. I didn't do with JDBC actually i have written the Mysql wrapper in C it executes ...

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I use a text editor and the commandline for my Java development. I use Artistic Style to format my Java code. I'm looking for a tool that can be ...

4. How can I make my Java Servlet class handle SAXException's?    stackoverflow.com

When compiling my Java Servlet code, I get the following error...

in javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; overridden method does not throw org.xml.sax.SAXException
In my overridden doGet() function, I'm using JAXP to process XML which apparently requires ...

5. Java servlets and receiving XML from Flash's xml.sendAndLoad() function    stackoverflow.com

All, I'm working on a Flash application that's supposed to send XML data to a Java Servlet. I'm responsible for the Flash app; another team is responsible for the Java Servlet. The problem we're ...

6. Using FileOutputStreams and Jena Models in Java Servlets within an Eclipse Web Project    stackoverflow.com

I have recently created a web project in Java using eclipse. I have a servlet which includes a timer task. This timer tasks calls the "writeList" method of an XML Writing ...

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I am interested in creating a simple web application that will take in user input, convert it to an XML file and send the file to a database. Coding wise I ...

8. jsp function call and xml    stackoverflow.com

i need to know the way for call a function in jsp? in my function, i wrote a code for get user input and write it in xml file... when i call ...

9. JSP - write XML to console    stackoverflow.com

I have large JSP page, and there is XML creation on it. For debug purpose i need to write that XML to console. What is the easiest way to do this from JSP? thank ...

10. How to Transver back up a tree from a sibling Node    stackoverflow.com

I have a transverse tree written in JSP which goes through an XML file. When I get to a certain Text Node, I'd like to be able to search back up the ...

11. Help with itunes XML    stackoverflow.com

Im a new web developer trying to load some xml files into a JSP so that you can view them online. One particular file is giving me a lot of trouble, ...

12. How to deal with the contents of the webpage inside my application    stackoverflow.com

My system (I am using JSP) deals with an existing website on the web. My application should be able to display the pages of that website with some changes ...

13. passing a long xml string to href    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to pass a very long xml string through href from a jsp page. But when i am clicking on the link its displaying just a blank page. This link should ...

14. Installing and auto opening windows 7 gadget?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to deploy my gadget with my software package. Is it possible, after installation, to automatically open the gadget on restart without first opening the gadget to begin ...

15. Showing XML content in browser using JSP    stackoverflow.com

I am not familir with JSP but coomfortable with Java, I am trying to show XML content in the browser using JSP only and came up with this code


16. How to get Started with Netbeans, WSDL and JSP    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a project and I need to use some webservices, such as Global Weather, to add to the service.. I'm using NetBeans, and Currently I can use this Web Service ...

17. Getters/Setters for java.util.properties    stackoverflow.com

I want display properties in HTML/XML via jsp. Like as:

I created extended class of properties, MProperties, but how can I create getters in that class for my properties? BR Kolesar

18. Readline is too slow - Anything Faster?    stackoverflow.com

I am reading in from a stream using a BufferedReader and InputStreamReader to create one long string that gets created from the readers. It gets up to over 100,000 lines ...

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20. need help on jsp and xml desperately    coderanch.com

hi i am new to jsp and xml and i am writing an application to display questions on a browser for someone to answer and get instant feed back. i have stored the questions as xml and i want to write some sort of bean class that reads all the questions and possible answers so i can call the bean class ...

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22. help on jsp and xml    coderanch.com

hi i am a new user of JSP and i am trying to write a a web questionnaire. I have stored the questions as xml and want to read them and print them out on a browser but i'm a stuck. i acyually have been able to print out one question.... ie a method to print out the question and another ...

23. need help on jsp and xml    coderanch.com

hi i am a new user of JSP and i am trying to write a a web questionnaire. I have stored the questions as xml and want to read them and print them out on a browser but i'm a stuck. i acyually have been able to print out one question.... ie a method to print out the question and another ...

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27. Writing JSP in XML.    coderanch.com

Rajul I'm not sure what mean by writing JSPs with XML syntax. If you just mean making the JSP follow the XML syntax rules to make it well-formed then the most obvious advantage would be that your JSP could be processed by any XML processing application. I'm sure there are others that someone else here knows....

28. jsp to xml    coderanch.com

Hello, Am having a hard time researching this one. I am currently using a jsp page with imbedded jsp's to display data from a database as html in a browser. I would like to be able to convert the output to xml as well for additional processing but cannot figure out how to do that conversion on the fly. My ultimate ...

29. jsp written in xml    coderanch.com

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else had tried this. Marty Hall mentions in his first book (I don't have the second one yet since it is $60 in the UK: 39) that each of the commonly used versions of jsp notation such as: <%= class.getSomethingInteresting();%> has an xml version of it that is a tag such as: class.getSomethingInteresting();

30. jsp xml dtd problem    coderanch.com

Hey I have the following xml file :- It works grand if I open it up in internet explorer but if I use it in my jsp : <%@ taglib uri="topics.xml" prefix="tl" %> I get ...

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32. JSP with XML synatx    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Pradeep Bhat: Hi, In JSP v 1.2 we can use XML synatx. I dont understand why it is required. I understand that it will be possible to parse using a XML parser. Why would any one do that. If any one knows the reasons for this Please do reply to this post. It's just an alternative for those ...

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34. JSP AND XML IN NETSCAPE    coderanch.com

Hello, i hope someone can help me with this problem: I'm using JSP, I need the content of my page to be XML, because I must apply a xslt transformation on the client side. To get that, I put at the beginning of the jsp page: <%@ page contentType="text/xml"%> ........... ........... ........... ...

35. Urgent: How to create XML In jsp using Javabean    coderanch.com

First of all, set the response.contentType to "text/xml". Now add your bean to the request (or session, or..) scope. Then just output your information formatted in xml. Code sample: <%@ page isErrorPage="false" %> <%@ page errorPage="/500.html" %> <%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jstl/core" prefix="c" %> <%@ page import="java.util.ArrayList" %>

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38. Beginner in XML    coderanch.com

I too am starting out in XML too and I am finding "Java & XML" by Oreilly very good. While it is an introductory book in XML, it is NOT an introduction to Java. Once you get to the Java code, it takes off. I have the second edition and the book is a good read for me. I would reccomend ...

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49. consuming Atom xml feed in my JSP    coderanch.com

ok -- im such a noob. there, that's out of the way. im doing my first real J2EE site for a client...ive got a great grasp on the java language syntax, and for the most part, how everything server-wise/config-wise goes. my client has a blog at tgmblog.com their main site (which im doing work on) is at theglobalmarketer.net. in the redesign ...

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51. creating xml suing jsp    coderanch.com

52. JSP and XML    coderanch.com

Exactly what are you aiming for here? 1. Including XML transformed by XSL as content in a page generated by JSP 2. Turning an XML document into a JSP document automatically I believe the standard Taglib library JSTL 1.1 contains tags for doing 1. I would be interested in hearing about anybodys actual experience with the XML taglibs Bill

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58. Loading xml in JavaScript Fails    coderanch.com

59. Loading xml in Javascript fails    coderanch.com

Hi, This is the piece of code which i used. Please go through it. This doesnt seem to work.