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I have not heard of any conversion to XML. I am sure the spec does not ask a provider to convert to XML either. Converting something like HTML code to XML can be painful if you do not follow strict rules. For a container to actually enforce this rule or try to convert data that is not well formed to well ...

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Hi, Although my post is dealing with ajax, I believe it concern more jsp than ajax: My first jsp page calls an ajax in another jsp page, that brings xml from the server (using a jar file etc...). I do get the xml from the second jsp, but I get it covered with html tags: html head body... my xml.... I ...

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Greetings. I hope I have selected the correct forum to post this thread. If not I'm sure the sheriff will correct my ways. We've heard the adage: Be carefull what you ask for as you just may get it. Well, its happend to me. I took a position as a contractor for a large company and now I find myself working ...

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Hi, I am new to java , what i have to do is make a Request to a webservice which i think can be done by either reading a xml file and formating it into a soap request and sending it via Java.net package (HttpUrlConnection) and i get the response, how do i manipulate the results in the response and display ...

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Hello, i have a .jsp page that has a string that contains the "code" of an xml file: Sally Johnson is there any way to show the above contents of the string as i would have shown an xml file with some xslt code? the ...

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