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I have an xml file in my computer and i want to display this xml in the browser using java. i have a jsp page and when entering this page i ...

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Originally posted by Frank Silbermann: I am writing some web pages which display XML as XML (e.g., XML examples in a tutorial). I would prefer not to have to hand-code every angle-bracket. Also, since the XML is computer generated, I would prefer to have pretty-printing whitespace automatically generated. Does anyone know of a java program available to do this, i.e. to ...

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Hi, When the results page is being displayed it does not display the results for ${animals}. It just outputs Could be:. However when I convert it back to a standard jsp it displays ${animals}. I am using Tomcat and jsp version 2.0. Thanks in advance Clinton *results.jsp* Animal Results

Animal Recommendations JSP


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Hi Friends, I have an XML packet that i would like to display on the JSP as-is without parsing, but the JSP is parsing that XML packet and not displaying anything. I tried changing the content type from "text/html" to "text/xml" but it did not worked. So, can someone please tell me what needs to be done to display the xml ...

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