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1. read xml from jsp

lets say i have an xml file "path.xml" that goes like this:

   <path id="first">
   <path id="second">

2. Reading a XML File from a servlet class and displaying it on JSP page

First of all i would like to know whether my approach is correct or not. I have products that are stored in a xml file. I will be reading this file, and ...

3. Read xml document using jsp

I need to read the xml document contents and read the key value pair using the xpath document.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <lob_pair ...

4. Please help me? How to read an XML file in J2EE

Hi Friends, My task is to read an XML file in J2EE environment. Then send the data into a database. I was told that we may have to use one of the parsers. If somebody has got a sample code, please let me know. The code can be on any of the following scenarios. Scenario1: Create a Javabean(XML_To_Oracle) in J2EE that ...

5. How to read an XML file using JSP?

6. Reading xml data in JSP

In my application, I have an xml document which contains all my data. A Java class within the application returns this xml document and it does not have any standard structure. It can contain different kinds of child elements and/ or attributes. Thus I cannot define a fixed schema from the onset. I need to display the data contained in this ...

7. reading xml file using servlet

8. Read/Write xml file from servlet

Simultaneous editing of the same document by multiple users certainly does present a problem. If you can't avoid the possibility then you would need to ensure that only one copy of the Document object can exist at one time and that methods to modify that document are properly synchronized. The simplest thing would appear to be allowing multiple users to read, ...

10. send xml from jsp and read it in a servlet

@Ulf Dittmer I totally agree with you... However the real problem is that i need the entire xml along with the tags.. inside my servlet... which would be up for further processing.. whereas at present , (already also mentioned in my last post) that the The output i obtain is : The input entered is : 1.0 Which means that it ...

12. how does a servlet read incoming XML??