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1. JSP syntax to switch between HTML and XML

I would like to have a single JSP page that will do the following:

  • If the method is GET and the querystring is NULL, draw a HTML form with a TEXTAREA and ...

2. jsp syntax in XML

if anyone has gone thru jsp with xml syntax...... Request-Time Attribute Expressions Request-time attribute expressions are of the form <%= expression %>. Although this syntax is consistent with the syntax used elsewhere in a JSP page, it is not a legal XML syntax. The XML mapping for these expressions is into values of the form %= expression %, where the JSP ...

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7. Problem with XML syntax

I am experimenting with the XML syntax alternative in JSPs. in the fragment below, the compiler is tripping up on the "<" in the for loop and concluding that my element doesn't have a valid end tag. I tried replacing "<" with "<" and my intuition was right that that simply replaces a parsing error with a syntax error. How ...

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