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1. Expression Value in Jasper Report: "Cannot cast from String to Boolean" error

This is my expression code:

($F{Personel_ODEME}.equals(Boolean.TRUE)) ? "PAID" : "NO PAID"
If Personel is paid, her/his Jasper tax report will read PAID, otherwise NO PAID. In the DB, this field is Boolean type, ...

2. How to cast Object to boolean?

How can I cast a Java object into a boolean primitive I tried like below but it doesn't work

boolean di = new Boolean(someObject).booleanValue();
The constructor Boolean(Object) is undefined
Please advise.

3. Casting boolean to Boolean in java

i have a code as

public class BooleanTest {
    public BooleanTest() {

    public static ...

4. Casting Boolean

Hey All. Probably a silly question, but I'm trying to teach myself Java 2. Using the "Beginners Guide Second Edition" by Herbert Schildt. I have written and compiled the program you see as follows (Boolean truth table): // Project 2-2: a truth table for the logical operators. class LogicalOpTable { public static void main (String args[]) { boolean p, q; System.out.println("P\tQ\tAND\tOR\tXOR\tNOT"); ...