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1. Is it good practice to use the XOR (^) operator in Java for boolean checks?

I personally like the 'exclusive or' operator when it makes sense in context of boolean checks because of its conciseness. I much prefer to write

if (boolean1 ^ boolean2)
  //do ...

2. What am I doing wrong with conditional operators?

I have the following code:

public class boolq {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        boolean isTrue = true;

3. What is this syntax called Bool bool = object.method() > 0 in Java

I've just seen this line of code in my housemates code.

Bool bool = method() > 0;
string name = "Tony";
boolean nameIsTony = name == "Tony";
This would result in nameIsTony becoming true. So ...

4. What does 'Conditional expressions can be only boolean, not integral.' mean?

What does 'Conditional expressions can be only boolean, not integral.' mean? I do not know Java and I know C++ deffenetly not enought to understend what it means.. Please help (found ...

5. Does java evaluate remaining conditions after boolean result is known

That is, if I have a statement that evaluates multiple conditions, in say a 'or' statement like so..

if(isVeryLikely() || isSomewhatLikely() || isHardlyLikely())
In the case that isVeryLikely() returns ...

6. More simple logic condition to check non-empty requirements

I have some simple logic to check if the field is valid:

private boolean isValidIfRequired(Object value) {
        (required && !isEmpty(value)) || ...

7. how to get a boolean value with the conditions given here?

Time can be a bit difficult the first time you need to think about it. Part of the problem is that there are some major time concepts that people try to ...

8. Booleans in conditional statements.

Hi all. Not sure if this is the right place... but anyway. I was just about to write (in a document) that a Boolean in a conditional expression would improve performance over the use of an expression. For example: boolean x = false if(x) do stuff else do other stuff ----------------- char x = 'N'; if(x == 'Y') do stuff else ...

9. question about using boolean to check a condition of an object?

hi I have a program where i create an Object tv, from the Fernseher class which is the first class i make.Then in main i create the Object in the FernseherRemote class. then trying to check the status of the tv, if it is on or off, it is initially off so i use the tv.setStatus(sum) to turn it on sum ...