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1. how to convert String object to Boolean Object

hi how to convert String object to Boolean Object

2. Convert boolean[] to String and viceversa in java

Howto convert a boolean array (or BitSet) to a string and vice versa. Example:

boolean[] ar = {true,false,false,false,false};
Should return one of the following
10000 //binary
16 //decimal
10 //hex, prefered
The otherway around should work also
ar ...

3. Help with converting Hex to booleans?

I am new at Java. I am learning. I am trying to do the following: convert a hexadecimal string into a binary, then process the binary into a series of ...

4. Cannot convert double to boolean (noob here)

This is my algorithm, and my goal here is to set an "if statement". Take a look:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class apple {
    public static void main(String args[]) {

5. Convert Object to Boolean[][]

How I can convert an Object to Array of Boolean Arrays?

Boolean[][] mass;     
mass = (Boolean[5][5])Object;

6. Converting a String to Boolean

7. Question about how to convert a boolean to a String

Sean, I'm curious. Given the relatively trivial nature of your problem, I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone who has passed the SCJP 1.4 exam could possibly be so uninformed as to not be able to solve it themselves. I apologise for any abruptness but please answer the following: - Did you really pass the SCJP 1.4 exam? - If ...

8. convert boolean to string

9. convert a string value to boolean

10. Converting boolean[] to List

11. convert boolean to string

Bert600 wrote: Hey I found the easiest way I think: String s = String.valueOf( boolean ); greets The advantages of this approach are: * You can use the exact same code for any type, as the method is overloaded to cover them all. * If passing a reference type, you don't need to check for null first. This method does it ...

13. How can I convert a String into boolean?

I am facing difficulty in converting String into boolean. For example, I have a few variable which i need user to input yes or no as the answer. But I uses string instead. Is there a way which i can ask them to input boolean directly? Please advise... credit = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Yes or No for Credit Satisfactory : "); System.out.println("The answer ...